Attention juniors:  As college talk becomes more prevalent, we wanted to give you some general information regarding the ACT/SAT discussion:

    1.  All juniors will take the SAT on April 5, as part of our state testing. We will register you for the SAT.

    2. We are still encouraging juniors to take the ACT on their own, which is provided on National Exam Dates.  Students can go to actstudent.org and access all test dates.

    3. Students are usually taking the ACT on their own, at least twice (students can take it as many times as they would like and schools will take their best score).

    4. The reason for the change to the SAT is that state accepted SAT’s bid to provide the test to the state’s students.

    5. Colleges all have conversion charts, as they have for years, so students can send either their ACT or SAT score (or both),  and colleges will use whatever score helps the student more.

    6. There are test prep opportunities within the community through places such as Kaplan, Excel, Huntington, private tutors, C2, Khan Academy or Princeton Review (online prep), etc....If you have questions, please see your counselor for more information.

    7.  Students will apply for colleges, on average, starting next September.  In most cases, students should have completed taking the ACT by that point.

    8. There will be a Junior Family Night at 7:00PM, on Monday, November 7th in the Auditorium.

    9. Counselors will be meeting with all juniors, at the start of 2nd semester.  We will be meeting in small groups and then having individual meetings.  See us sooner if you have any questions.

    ACT/SAT Test Dates
    National test dates and registration information for the 2016-2017 ACT and SAT can be found on the websites for each test. For the ACT http://www.actstudent.org/regist/dates.html; for the SAT visit the CollegeBoard website.

    Test Preparation

    There are three test preparation programs are available at WWS:  Top Results Test Prep - ACT Boot Camp (Information and Registration), Kaplan (http://kaplanatschool.com/kas.aspx), and Princeton Review (http://www.princetonreview.com/). Click on the links to download  information, or go to the WWS Counseling Center for print copies. 
Last Modified on October 24, 2016