• ›Below you will find suggestions for how you, as parents, can help your student at home:
    1.  Ask students at home to describe what they’re learning.
    2.  Encourage students to attend Resource.
    3.  Encourage students to come in for help before and/or after school.
    4.  Study the concepts, not just the processes:  ›“Why am I doing what I’m doing?”
    5.  ›PERSERVERANCE: ›Keep in mind, if your student is in Pre-Calculus, we are preparing him for Calculus… it’s not always going to be easy!  If your student is in Statistics, it's going to be hard sometimes!  It is through the struggles that we end up learning the most.  Embrace it!
    6. Don't hesitate to ask for help.  If your student gets help from me outside of class, and he's still struggling, perhaps he needs an outside tutor.  Please contact me for a list of possible tutors.