INSTRUCTOR:  Kevin Gum

                             Phone:  630-784-7200 ext 8649

                             E-mail:  Kevin.Gum@cusd200.org


     TEXTBOOK:  Pre-Calculus: (Common Core Edition) by Carter, Cuevas, Day, Malloy, et al, copyright 2014, 1st edition, published by Glencoe / McGraw-Hill

    To access the online student addition of the Pre-Calculus (A) book go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com


    REQUIRED SUPPLIES:  Textbook, 3-ring binder, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils, graphing calculator (TI-83, TI-84, or the Casio Prizm recommended)


    COURSE OVERVIEW:   Pre-Calculus is the branch of mathematics designed to prepare students for calculus.  It is an introduction to mathematical analysis.  Algebraic and trigonometric topics are explored in great depth and breadth, and topics in parametric equations, vectors, conic sections, and the polar field are introduced.


    CURRICULUM OVERVIEW:  Parent Functions

                                              Graph Analysis


                                              Power, Polynomial, and Rational Functions

                                            Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

                                               Trigonometric Functions

                                               Trigonometric Identities

                                               Systems of Equations

                                               Conic Sections

                                                Parametric Equations


                                                Polar Coordinates and Graphs

                                                Sequences and Series

                                                Probability and Statistics

                                                Introduction to Calculus


    GRADING PHILOSOPHY:  Your semester grades will be determined as follows:

    60% In-class Exams and Quizzes

    20% Quick Quizzes:  During the course of each semester, you will be given 10 ten-minute quick quizzes.  At the end of the semester, you may drop your lowest 2 quiz grades. 

    20% Final Exam:  A comprehensive final exam will be given at the end of each semester.

     Grading scale:     Above 90 A

                                 80-89.9 B

                                 70-79.9 C

                                 60-69.9 D

                               Below 60 F

     CLASS EXPECTATIONS:   Pre-Calculus will require your utmost attention both in the classroom and when doing your daily work. Take good notes in class.  Be an active participant.  It is not a one-way street where the teacher does all the work.  We are all in this together, and the success of each individual depends largely on the participation and cooperation of the class as a whole.  We will learn a lot from each other.  You are seated in groups in an effort to encourage collaboration and discussion.  Take advantage of this and learn from it! 


    My rules are very simple:

    • Be prompt.  Tardies will be counted and consequences will be enforced as outlined in the student handbook.
    • Be prepared.  Have all work done before class time, and have all materials, including your textbook, with you in class.
    • Be respectful.  This includes using appropriate language and maintaining a positive attitude with your peers and teachers.  Cell phones and I-pods must be turned off and put away during class time.  If there is time at the end of class to work on an assignment, I-pods may be used with appropriate volume.  I will let you know if there is a time we need to research something on our phones.
    • Be responsible.  You are responsible for your materials, possessions, and learning. 


      TEST MAKEUP POLICY:  If you are absent on the day of a quiz or exam, you will have one week from the date of the absence to make up the quiz or exam.  A penalty of 10% from the earned quiz or exam grade will be imposed for every day beyond the week deadline the student fails to make up the quiz or exam.  After three weeks, the grade for the quiz or exam will be a zero.  It is your responsibility to schedule a time to make up the missed quiz or exam.

       If a student is absent on the day prior to a scheduled quiz or exam, the student is expected to take the quiz or exam on the scheduled day.  


      THE BOTTOM LINE:  The goal and purpose of this class is to have every student prepared for the next level of math, namely Calculus.  Depending on your aspirations, you may be going to either AB Calculus or BC Calculus.  It is my job and my expectation that I will have you prepared for whichever course you choose.  It is also my expectation that you are going to work to ensure that placement.  


      OUTSIDE HELP:  If you begin to feel lost or have been absent, it is imperative that you get in for additional help outside of class.  I am available before and after school in room I153.  Please see me ahead of time to let me know that you will be coming in.  I will be in the room no later than 7:00 in the morning and until at least 2:30 in the afternoon.  I also recommend the use of the math resource center during access periods.  In addition, I can provide the names of possible tutors for use on your personal time.