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    Attention 2023-2024 Seniors

    All students in grade 12 must submit evidence of receiving the meningococcal conjugate vaccine on or after their 16th birthday. The report of immunization is expected to be received in the health office before school begins. Students who have not turned in proof of having received their meningococcal conjuguate vaccine by September 5, 2023 will be excluded and not allowed to attend school until the proof of vaccination is received by the Health Office. 

    Attention 2023-2024 Freshmen

    All incoming 9th grade students must submit a completed physical exam form (with proof of immunizations) to the Health Office by the first day of school. The physical exam needs to be completed on or after August 16, 2022. Students who have not turned in their completed physical exam by September 5, 2023 will be excluded and not allowed to attend school until the physical exam is received by the Health Office.




    The Wheaton North Health Office assists students with immediate health problems and counsels students to develop good health habits.
    All medications taken during the school day (even over the counter medication) must follow district policy and a completed district medication permission form is required.
    The school nurses work closely with all members of the student personal service team, which includes counselors, psychologists, deans, and social workers.
    A student may be sent to the health office on a teacher's pass in case of sudden illness or injury. A student is not allowed to text or call a parent via personal cell phone during the school day to arrange dismissal.  If the nurse feels the student is to be sent home, a parent or another authorized emergency contact will be consulted and transportation options discussed. Students leaving school because of illness or personal emergencies must check out through the health office or they will receive an unexcused absence. A parent's request to excuse the absence after the student leaves during the school day cannot be honored.
    A student with an injury that requires limited participation in physical education class would need a doctor to complete the Modified PE Form.
    Please make sure the school is aware of any emergency phone number changes throughout the school year. A student who is ill and absent from school due to a communicable disease must see the nurse before returning to classes. Some communicable diseases require a doctor's release when the student returns to school.

Last Modified on March 14, 2023