• To help students realize their educational potential, a variety of student support services are available. The following list is offered to illustrate only some of the services which are available to Sandburg students. For questions or more information about these services, please contact our school.

    Learning Disability Resource (LDR) Program Services — The LDR Program serves children who possess average or above average intelligence, but experience a documented learning processing difficulty which interferes with their school achievement. Children in this program are provided specialized instruction to help them remediate/accelerate.

    Psychological Services — Educational diagnostic services are one important role provided by the school psychologist.

    Reading Specialist — Our reading specialist serves students and faculty as a resource for development of reading and writing skills. The specialist provides staff training and works collaboratively with Sandburg teachers to teach reading and writing strategies in all grades. Three experienced reading assistants work with the specialist. Together, they help children become more effective readers and writers by offering diagnosis and specialized instruction in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, word recognition, comprehension and fluency.

    Social Work Services — Individual and/or small group services are available to help students build stronger relationships and to offer support during a crisis period. The social worker can be a resource for parents in learning more about a child's social and emotional development and community resources that meet children's needs.

    Speech Services — Speech and language services are offered to students having documented speech difficulties that interfere with their expressive or receptive language use. Articulation and speech dynamics are also served by this program.

    Program for Accelerated Curriculum Enrichment (PACE) — The PACE specialists provide a replacement program to enrich and accelerate the learning of children who have been identified in the areas of language arts and mathematics.

Last Modified on October 6, 2010