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      Course Descriptions

      Semester Special Interest Electives


      Applications in Writing (I) This one semester course offered during the first semester will provide students the opportunity to explore post-secondary academic options and sharpen the composition and literacy skills necessary to meet the challenges of post-secondary life in regards to both academic and real-world reading and writing.

      Argumentation (I, A)

      This class provides students with experiences in oral argument, persuasion, and group discussion.  The focus of the curriculum is formal and informal argumentation, supported with research, critical thinking, organization and communication. This class fulfills the speech graduation requirement or it can be taken for a general English credit.


      Composition, Literature, and Film (I)

      This course is designed for juniors and seniors interested in developing and increasing their knowledge of the history, techniques, and impact of film on society and the individual.  Students will engage in analysis of film both in and out of the classroom and will be required to write both formal and informal papers documenting their critical viewing experience. Students will complete a short, original film.


      AP Literature and Composition

       This full year course is open to advanced-level seniors who are college-bound and demonstrate a sophisticated level of critical reading, writing, and an interest in literature. Reading selections cover classical Western literature, Shakespeare, Eastern cultures, and modern world literature.  Writing assignments require students to show various levels of sophistication, but all require students to show conscious choices regarding organization, development, and support.  Students must be able to discuss complex and mature topics effectively in small and large group settings. This class will also include structured lessons to prepare students for the AP Literature and Composition test.


      Acting (I)

      This one semester course is designed to help students improve character analysis skills, understand themsleves as a performer, and improve their acting and improvisational skills. Students will study different styles of acting and apply those styles to their performances.


      Communication Studies (I)

      Communication Studies is desgined to improve student research, organization, analysis, writing, speaking and listening skills. A variety of communication experiences will be studied and performed as the major focus on the course. The skills mastered in this course are applied throughout the entire high school curriculum.


      Semester Writing Electives



      Senior Rhetoric (I)

      This one-semester course is designed to prepare students for college-level writing.  A variety of essay strategies and professional models of these strategies are introduced. Offered 1st semester.


      Journalism (I)

      Journalism is the study of newspaper and magazine writing, layout/design, photography, broadcasting, and advertising focusing on the various formats and requirements, ethical issues, and news writing styles.  Students practice these formats in writing articles for class and for the school newspaper.  Students will also utilize the daily news for class discussions.


      Creative Writing (I) (course flyer)

      This course is designed to create a community of writers as well as provide instruction in the techniques used by creative writers. Writing genre to be emphasized include short stories, non-fiction prose, poetry, and drama.



      Semester Literature Electives



      Modern & Contemporary Literature (I)

      Modern Literature is an elective designed to introduce students to a wide selection of modern authors. The goal is to develop knowledge of and appreciation for the themes and ideas in literature through reading, class discussion, and activities.  Mature subject matter and writing styles are frequently found in selections taught in this class.


      British Literature (I) (course flyer)

      British Literature is designed to study the literature of Britain from the Anglo-Saxon period through the twentieth century.  Representative examples of drama, poetry, short stories, essays, and novels will be studied.  Emphasis will be placed on reading and discussion. Offered 2nd semester.


      Modern Poetry (I) (course flyer)

      Students in this course will study poetry of the last fifty years--from song lyrics to poems being written and published today.  They will investigate and talk about themes, trends, and styles.  Students will discuss, write about, and present poems to various audiences.   Although some time is dedicated to improving student writing, the emphasis is on the study of other people’s poems and searching for a poet or poem that speaks to each student. Offered 2nd semester.


      *Themes in Lit: Ancient War & Mythology (I)  (course flyer) This class will examine the impact war has on the individual and society through the analysis of literary works, including the Iliad and the Aeneid. The primary focus will be on ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology, including the Trojan War, the Spartan 300, and the Roman Empire's invasion of England. Offered 1st semester.


      *Themes in Lit: Fantasy (I) This class will answer the question "What makes a great fantasy story?" After examining classic fantasy series like The Lord of hte Rings, Eragon, and The Wheel of Time, the class will identify patterns in the fantasy genre. In addion to novels studied as a whole group and independently, the instructor will use film and creative writing as teaching tools to explore the fantasy genre. Offered 2nd semester. 

      *Themes in Lit: Popular Literature (I) This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore personal preferences in reading through independent reading choices. Journaling and conferences with the instructor will be required.  Students must be able to work indendently without teacher-imposed deadlines. 
      *Signifies course will be offered the 2021-2022 school year as part of the Themes in Lit cycle.
       If you have questions about senior electives for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact your English teacher


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