• Whittier Transportation Information

    Morning Arrival by Bus
    Our buses line up directly in front of Whittier heading eastbound on Park Avenue. They let students out at approximately 9 AM. Students will walk to their assigned areas and meet their teachers outside of the following doors:
    Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Outside of Door 3 on the blacktop
    2nd and 3rd Grade: Outside of Doors 4 and 5 on the blacktop
    4th Grade: On the playground blacktop
    5th Grade: Outside of our main entrance (Door 1)

    Morning Arrival by Car
    Parents have the option of dropping their child off anywhere close to our Whittier building. Some options for dropping by car are on Park Avenue heading eastbound after our buses depart (typically our buses pull away around 9:03). Thus, cars can pull up and safely drop in front of the building. Other options are dropping on Arbor Avenue at the path that leads to our playground, or on Wheaton Avenue.

    Afternoon Dismissal for Bus Riders
    Buses will park on Park Avenue to pick up all students that ride the bus.

    Afternoon Dismissal for Walkers and Car Riders
    Our car pick up for all students at Whittier is in the rear of the building on Arbor Avenue. Parents park in a line on Arbor Avenue heading westbound and we dismiss students to their cars as they pull up. If you are meeting your child and planning on walking home with him or her, please meet your child on the blacktop path that leads to Arbor Avenue (at the edge of our playground) in the rear of the building.

Last Modified on August 15, 2018