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     Name: Chris Aquino
     Grade/Subject: English
     Room: G178
    I began teaching at WWS in 1992 and was a graduate myself from WCHS in 1987.  I have a B.A. in English from North Central College (Naperville) and a M.A. in English from NIU with a concentration in rhetoric (writing).
    I have taught Sophomore English (every year except for two), Senior AP English, Film and Literature (since its beginning 12 years ago), Senior Rhetoric, Freshman English, Pop. Literature, African-American Literature, and courses through the WWS Academy program.  Most recently, I have been teaching sophomores, Senior AP, and Film and Literature.
    My goal for all of my students is to not only learn about life and our diverse world through the literature we read, but also to become self-sufficient learners.  I believe that students need to go about knowing *how* to learn and not just learn the material itself. 
    When I am not teaching, I am a semi-professional nature photographer and writer with articles and photos published in "Cowboys and Indians" and "Nature Photographer Magazine."  I teach nature photography courses at The Morton Arboretum and run photography workshops with a private company.