• Emerson Students SOAR
    Dear Emerson Families,
    I am excited that there are finally signs of spring.  Unfortunately, this long rough winter has taken its toll on some of our students.  There has been an increase in the number of students missing school or arriving late in the morning or after lunch.  Did you know that according to a 2012 study by Johns Hopkins University, The Importance of Being in School, as many as 7.5 million of the nation's 55 million students miss a month or more of school each year?  Researchers from Johns Hopkins, Robert Balfanz and Vaughan Byrnes, found that students who miss an average of two days a month in kindergarten and first grade are more likely to struggle with reading and other academic subjects.  A study released by the University of Chicago, showed that students who miss 10 percent of preschool face academic, social, and emotional delays.  Currently at Emerson, almost seven percent of our students have missed ten percent of this school year!  Four percent of our student body has missed an hour or more of instruction this year, due to being tardy! At the elementary level, students are learning foundational skills. They are learning academics as well as building social and emotional skills. These skills build upon one another; when a student repeatedly misses school, he will inevitably have gaps in learning. 
    Now that Spring is in the air, I know that families begin to make plans for extended weekends or early vacations.  One of our guidelines for success at Emerson addresses attendance. At Emerson, we want each and every child to S.O.A.R!  This means that we expect our students to: act Safely, be On Time/On Task, Accept responsibility, and act Respectfully.  We teach these expectations.  They are on display throughout the building, and student council is creating videos to teach these behaviors. We can't improve learning, if your child is not here.  Please help us at school, and make attendance a priority.  Many thanks!  
    Sharing in the caring,
    Debra Klein
    Statistics come from "Education Update" Vol. 56::Number 3, March 2014