Christopher Hendrickson
    Voice mail: 630.784.7200 (8656)
    Room: G183
    Current Courses:
    Sophomore English A
    Communications Studies A
    Creative Writing
       Mr. H teaching from home 2020.


    BA: Double Major: English and Speech Communications; Minor: Theater. 
       Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
    MA: Education: Instruction and Curriculum.
       North Central College, Naperville, IL
    I have been teaching English and Communications courses at South since 1993-94. 

    Previous Courses:
    Communications Studies (A and I-level)
    Interactive Communications
    Sophomore English (A and I-level)
    Junior English (I and R-level)
    Jr/Sr English (R-level)
    Creative Writing
    Senior Rhetoric
    Applications in Writing
    Senior English (R-level)
    Popular Literature.
    I also mentor a small group of at-risk freshmen most years.
    I am available to meet with students for help during my lunch, planning period, and most mornings before school (except Wednesdays). 
    We have two children. Joshua is currently an 11th grader at WWS, HFA, loves history, enjoys playing NBA 2K, is a member of South's Scholastic Bowl and Ultimate Frisbee teams. Jenna is beginning 9th grade at South this year, thinks school is ok, loves animals, swims competitively, runs 5k's, and races triathlons. My lovely wife and I have been married for 27 years. She traveled a great deal to England and Latin America for her job pre-pandemic but now telecommutes from home. We also have two yellow labs, Teddy (the saint) and Gus (the devil with fur).
    When I am not at school, I try to find time to read, play guitar, bike, or swim, but mostly I just drive my children from one place to another.

    Additional Recent Graduate Course Work:
    Helping Struggling Readers with Content Area Learning
    Effective Teaching Strategies
    Literature Instruction: Writing across the Curriculum
    Literature Instruction: Reading across the Curriculum
    Developing Characteristics of Young Adolescents/Implications for Teaching and Learning
    Emotional Literacy Skills
    At-Risk Student Classroom Strategies
    Creating a Safe Learning Environment
    Classroom Management: Practical Solutions
    Using Technology in the Classroom 1
    Using Technology in the Classroom 2
    Young Adult Literature
    Literature Genre Studies
    Differentiated Classrooms
    Incorporating Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
    Using the Arts to teach Reading Comprehension
    Continuing Spanish for Educators 2
    Continuing Spanish for Educators 3
    Trends in Education: Engaging the Brain to Read and Learn
    Teaching at the Middle Level
    Socratic Seminar Leadership Skills
    Google Certified Educator Level 1