Christopher Hendrickson
    Voice mail: 630.784.7200 (8656)
    Room: G183
    Current Courses:
    Sophomore English A
    Communications Studies A
    Creative Writing
       Mr. H teaching from home 2020.


    BA: Double Major: English and Speech Communications; Minor: Theater. 
       Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
    MA: Education: Instruction and Curriculum.
       North Central College, Naperville, IL
    I have been teaching English and Communications courses at South since 1993-94. 

    Previous Courses:
    Communications Studies (A and I-level)
    Interactive Communications
    Sophomore English (A and I-level)
    Junior English (I and R-level)
    Jr/Sr English (R-level)
    Creative Writing
    Senior Rhetoric
    Applications in Writing
    Senior English (R-level)
    Popular Literature.
    I also mentor a small group of at-risk freshmen most years.
    I am available to meet with students for help during my lunch, planning period, and most mornings before school (except Wednesdays). 
    We have two children. Joshua is currently a senior at WWS, HFA, loves history, enjoys playing NBA 2K, is a member of South's Scholastic Bowl team, class council and Ultimate Frisbee team. Jenna is a sophomore at South this year, thinks school is ok, loves animals, swims competitively, runs 5k's, and races triathlons. My lovely wife and I have been married for 28 years. She traveled a great deal to England and Latin America for her job pre-pandemic but now telecommutes from home. We also have two yellow labs, Teddy (the saint) and Gus (the devil with fur).
    When I am not at school, I try to find time to read, play guitar, bike, or swim, but mostly I just drive my children from one place to another.

    Additional Recent Graduate Course Work:
    Helping Struggling Readers with Content Area Learning
    Effective Teaching Strategies
    Literature Instruction: Writing across the Curriculum
    Literature Instruction: Reading across the Curriculum
    Developing Characteristics of Young Adolescents/Implications for Teaching and Learning
    Emotional Literacy Skills
    At-Risk Student Classroom Strategies
    Creating a Safe Learning Environment
    Classroom Management: Practical Solutions
    Using Technology in the Classroom 1
    Using Technology in the Classroom 2
    Young Adult Literature
    Literature Genre Studies
    Differentiated Classrooms
    Incorporating Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
    Using the Arts to teach Reading Comprehension
    Continuing Spanish for Educators 2
    Continuing Spanish for Educators 3
    Trends in Education: Engaging the Brain to Read and Learn
    Teaching at the Middle Level
    Socratic Seminar Leadership Skills
    Google Certified Educator Level 1