An Edison Scholar CARES
  • Our Edison CARES Team is made up of staff from all departments and grade levels and meets monthly to improve behavior outcomes for all students through a fluid continuum of social, emotional and behavioral supports and recognize student success. The Edison CARES Team has established building expectations called our Edison CARES Commitments, and the team reviews quarterly data to set a behavior focus, plans seasonal recognition assemblies, and helps organize the explicit instruction of grade level SEL standards. The Edison CARES Team created the acronym CARES as a way to help our students remember our school expectations and desired scholar traits of being collaborative, accountable, respectful, empathic, and safe for themselves, others, and within their community while also addressing the SEL competencies from the Illinois State Standards.  

    Collaborative- to work jointly with others on an intellectual task

    Accountable- to be called on to answer for one’s conduct and obligations

    Respectful- showing high regard or courtesy

    Empathic- the understanding, being aware of, sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another

    Safe- secure from threat of danger, harm, risk, or loss

    What are the Edison CARES Commitments?

    Mrs. Bednar and Miss Humphris meet with students during grade level assemblies at the beginning of the year to introduce/review our Edison CARES Commitments which are our building wide expectations. Classroom teachers also provided explicit instruction of these expectations. The Edison CARES Team has created posters for each of the different areas of the building to explicitly define the desired behaviors.

    What is the Quarter Review?

    We ask the students to reflect on their behavior in meeting our Edison CARES Commitments each quarter. The students are also asked to set a personal and academic goal each quarter. At the end of the each quarter, they are asked to reflect on their progress with these goals before setting goals for the next quarter. We ask that the students share these with their parents. These goals can be found on the back of the Edison CARES Commitment Chart. 

    The Edison CARES Team meets quarterly to review and analyze behavioral data (CARES Commitment Charts, referrals, attendance, etc.). Target behaviors are determined to create a focus for the following quarter. Explicit lessons are taught to students to ensure their understanding of the expected behaviors for improvement.

    What are recognition assemblies?

    The Edison CARES Team organizes three seasonal assemblies for the student body to gather to show off their Panther Pride and celebrate our accomplishments. Each season various clubs and teams are recognized for their participation, contributions, and achievements. Coaches and staff sponsors select students from their groups to speak on their group/team’s behalf. Trophies and awards are presented to Mrs. Bednar.

    What is SEL?

    Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Representatives from the Edison CARES Team work with their grade level teams to plan and determine their explicit lesson topics in order to address the competencies of the SEL standards for their grade level focus.

    What is Edison’s Plan?  

    At Edison teachers cover all SEL standards naturally by embedding the instruction of SEL skills into the content of their curriculum so that the students can understand, analyze, and demonstrate them in a more authentic way. Each grade level will focus on teaching the standards of one goal. Explicit lessons or activities will be conducted during an Advisory period which will meet one time a month (nine times in the year) on the 2nd Wednesday of month.

    • 6th- Goal 1: Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success.
    • 7th- Goal 2: Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.
    • 8th- Goal 3: Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.

    Please visit the grade level pages for the scope and sequence, as well as additional information.