Facilities Overview

  • Historical Background

    Since the 1980's, the District has renovated and/or renewed many of the buildings across the District based on need through various. To cap off a long-term building renovation/renewal cycle, the Capital Development Committee has updated the capital development plan across the entire District. Beginning in FY18, the District began ramping up spending on high-priority facilities projects outlines above. The work detailed below was made possible through various referendums.

    Below you will see the historical renovation/renewal timeline.

    1985 - 1990 Bower, Johnson, Lowell, and Washington Elementary Schools

    1991 - 1993 Monroe MS, Edison MS, Wheaton North HS, Wheaton Warrenville South HS

    1995 - 1996 Lowell, Pleasant Hill, Whittier, Wiesbrook Elementary Schools, Wheaton North HS

    1997 - 2000 Sandburg Whittier, and Wiesbrook Elementary Schools, Edison, Franklin, and Monroe Middle Schools, Wheaton Warrenville South HS

    2001 - 2003 Emerson, Hawthorne, Lincoln, Longfellow, and Madison Elementary Schools, Monroe MS, Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South High Schools, School Service Center

    2003- 2006 Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South High Schools

    2009 Hubble MS

    2020 New Jefferson Early Childhood Center