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    Dr. Jeff Schuler

    Safety is a top priority.

    In District 200, we understand the need for a multi-faceted approach to keeping our schools a safe place for children to learn, and for our staff to teach.

    The physical infrastructure of a building is a key component to keeping our schools safe. All 20 of our schools have access control, meaning that you can’t just walk into a school during the school day without being allowed in. To have a fully secure entrance, a building should have visitor control, meaning that once a visitor is in the building, they are led into the school office where they can be greeted, sign in and be directed to their next location. As we shared in our January 2018 Board Highlights, the District is expected to complete eight secure entry projects in Summer of 2018, making all of our building entrances fully secure.

    Just as important as the physical safety of the building are safety protocols. Each of our 20 schools has a set of safety protocols for various situations including fire, severe weather and lockdown. We have a District Safety Committee comprised of District and school administrators as well as first responders from all of our municipalities. Monthly, that committee meets to discuss and resolve any safety issues in our District. The committee also reviews all school safety protocols at the start of the school year to ensure they are thorough and practiced. We always look for opportunities to refine our safety protocols.

    Most importantly - conversations with our children are essential to the safety and security of our buildings. We explicitly teach students that if they ever see something or hear something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, they should tell an adult at the school immediately. A child will never get into trouble for telling an adult if they are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. We ask you, our parents and community members, to continue these conversations with your children at home.

    I want to thank all of you for your partnership and commitment to keeping our schools a safe place for our children.


    Dr. Jeff Schuler | Superintendent of Schools
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