• Safety is a top priority

    Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, safety has been front and center in many of our collective conversations. The tragic events throughout our country have served as a reminder about the need for a multi-faceted approach to keeping our schools safe.

    As a District, we want to be sure that we are doing everything within our power to build positive relationships and keep our schools a safe place for students to learn. The physical infrastructure of our building entrances is one of those key safety components. In summer 2018, the District is completing secure entry projects at the eight schools with an identified need. 

    The District will continue to collaborate and plan with our District-wide Safety Committee and we thank our first responders for their ongoing partnership in keeping our schools a safe place for students to learn and grow.

    Most importantly - conversations with our children are essential to the safety and security of our buildings. Our schools explicitly teach students that if they ever see something or hear something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, they should tell an adult at the school immediately. A child will never get into trouble for telling an adult if they are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. We ask you, our parents and community members, to continue these conversations with your children at home.

    If you would like to submit a safety concern, please use the form on this page. While it is always best to talk directly to an adult, since students and parents are not always comfortable doing so, the tip line is another tool that can be used to alert district administrators about an issue. In the case of an emergency, call 911.