• Related Services and Supports

    Each building is staffed with professionals who provide a range of related services to students who need them to participate successfully in education. The need for these services is determined through a variety of decision-making processes, including special education.

    The following departments within Student Services support related-service professionals employed by the school district:
    Related services for children with low-incidence disabilities, such as vision and hearing, are provided through joint agreement with the DuPage Cooperative Association for Special Education (CASE).
    It is necessary that the district maintain and make available related service logs that record the type of related services administered under the child's individualized education program and the minutes of each type of related service that has been administered available to the child's parent or guardian at the annual review of the child's individualized education program. By identifying quarterly minutes, district related service providers have the flexibility (if their schedule allows) in making up weekly minutes when sessions are missed due to absences, assemblies, holiday, etc. In addition, the district must also provide related service logs at any time upon request of the child's parent or guardian.  
    District-wide specialists provide training and referral-based consultative support to staff across the district in the following areas: