• Edison P.E. Information

    Our program is designed so that every student can be successful.  Students are evaluated on participation and effort as well as demonstration of knowledge displayed in game/fitness situations.  Students participating at an excellent level and putting forth excellent effort will earn an excellent grade.

    Our fitness activities include running, stationary biking, and use of heart rate monitors.  Students unable to participate at the same level as others may have modifications made for them.  Other activities may include volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, floor hockey, square dance, relays, rock climbing, kickball, paddleball, spikeball or softball.

    Each student will spend one quarter in a Health class.  Grades in health will be based on the student's ability to master the student expectations outlined in the health curriculum. The students will be evaluated using some or all of the following: homework, written tests, oral reports, written reports, projects, and class participation.


    Parents - If you would like to inquire about your child’s progress in Physical Education and/or Health class, please send an email to your child’s teacher.  Their email addresses are below.  Please include your child’s name.



    A written note from a parent can excuse students who have an injury or are not feeling well.  A note that explains what a student can do would be the most helpful.  Example:  a sprained wrist may limit a student from doing push ups or throwing a ball but the student may do all other exercises, run, and play soccer.  We have numerous stationary bikes and/or pedometers to use when indoors if a student cannot participate in the regularly scheduled activity.  When we are outdoors, we can have students walk if they cannot participate in the regularly scheduled activity.  Please have your student bring the note to us and NOT the nurse’s office.  If a modification is made for a fitness day, a makeup will not be required as the student is still participating in the fitness day but at a modified level. For those injuries lasting longer than three days a doctor’s note is required.



    Fitness is the core of our P.E. curriculum.  If a student is absent on a fitness day, they must make that day up. Students may do these during class or before or after school as long as they make arrangements with their teacher beforehand.  If a student misses more than a week for a medical excuse they will have a maximum of three make ups. If a student is able to participate in a modified fitness activity (biking/walking), the modified activity will take the place of a regular fitness day.

    Upon return from an illness or injury of more than a week a student will participate in modified activities for a week in order to gradually reintroduce them back into physical activity.



    1.  Uniforms – District 200 requires a uniform for all P.E. students in middle and high school.  District shorts, district-shirts, white socks, and gym shoes must be worn daily.  Students may wear any pair of sweatpants or any sweatshirt.  Uniforms may be purchased at www.cusd200peuniform.com

    2.  Locks and lockers – Each student has been issued a lock and locker.  Students should be sure to lock up their belongings as we do have items disappear when they are not locked up.  Students should be encouraged to use only their locker and not share their combination with anyone else.

    3.  Lost and found – Items found on the floor are put in the lost and found in each locker room.  If students have their names on their clothing it is much easier to return lost items to them.

    4.  Heart rate monitors – We will begin using these, in class, during second quarter. Straps for 6th graders only were paid for at registration and will be distributed in P.E. Students who lost their straps will need to purchase a replacement for $16.00.  This can be taken care of with their P.E. teacher.