Vision 2022

  • Vision 2022 outlines the District's goals and priorities for the next four years, building upon the original Vision 2018 Strategic Plan. Annually, the Board selects specific areas of focus from each of the four sections in the plan. 

  • Our commitment is to prepare students for their future paths, by designing learning experiences that develop strong academic, social, and problem-solving skills.
    • Design curriculum and learning experiences that ensure high literacy and math skills while also developing creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills.
    • Expand the opportunities for students to have choice, challenge, and success in their learning, through differentiation and personalization.
    • Provide students with social emotional learning that enhances students’ abilities in school, careers, and life, including equipping students with strategies to manage stress and anxiety.
    • Provide more ways to apply learning to the context of the real world, including internships, service projects, and solving authentic problems.
    • Evaluate future communication trends and develop curriculum around writing, speaking, digital citizenship, and use of technology for message production.
    • Provide experiences and instruction to develop students’ appreciation of cultures and diversity.
    Our commitment is to build effective systems of support for students and staff that promote quality learning experiences for every student.
    • Implement a school improvement system for support and coordination between core instruction and interventions. (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support MTSS)
    • Provide staff with collaboration time and training to better meet the needs of all learners and work toward addressing achievement gaps. (Professional Learning Communities PLCs)
    • Ensure that co-curricular programming and opportunities for service projects positively impact the student learning experience.
    • Ensure an adequate number of devices so that students and staff have access when needed in and outside of school. (Universal Access to Technology)
    • Redesign the English Learner Program delivery model to better meet the needs of the growing English Learner population.
    • Continue to hire, develop, and retain high-quality staff.
    Our commitment is to continuously engage our community to determine its priorities, foster partnerships, and promote learning.
    • Establish regular and ongoing opportunities to engage our community members, especially senior citizens, in our schools.
    • Support and engage parents through ongoing workshops on relevant, timely topics.
    • Provide the community a lens into our classrooms, with focus on communicating the changes in the world that are rapidly impacting what our students need for future success.
    • Develop a structured format for gathering student, staff, and parent feedback to determine levels of satisfaction.
    • Communicate our progress on Vision 2022 and strategic goals through regular community communication, dashboard, and annual Board reports.
    Our commitment is to maintain systems of renewal for facilities and technology, while sustaining the financial well-being of the District.
    • Continue to ensure a balanced budget that builds and maintains a fund balance that meets Board policy.
    • Continue to work to address projects identified in the Facilities Master Plan, through the dedicated budget allocation for capital facility projects per Board policies.
    • Monitor and update the annual Master Technology Plan.
    • Develop a model for private fundraising for facility projects.