District-Level Administration

  • Dr. Jeff Schuler                                      (630) 682-2002                jeff.schuler@cusd200.org
    Superintendent of Schools                    

    Business & Facility Services

    Bill Farley                                                (630) 682-2005                william.farley@cusd200.org
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Business Operations

    Lisa Maher                                              (630) 682-2420                lisa.maher@cusd200.org
    Director of Business Services

    Kimberly Funkhouser                          (630) 682-2016                 kimberly.funkhouser@cusd200.org

    John R. Robinson, III                             (630) 393-9690                john.robinsonIII@cusd200.org
    Director Facility Operations                                                          

    Colin Wilkie                                            (630) 393-9690                colin.wilkie@cusd200.org
    Energy Operations Manager                                                          

    Administrative Services                                                               

    Dr. Charlie Kyle                                     (630) 682-2015                 charles.kyle@cusd200.org
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Administrative Services                                                                   

    Educational Services                                                                      

    Melissa Murphy                                      (630) 682-2103                melissa.murphy@cusd200.org
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Educational Services                                                                        

    Ian Smith                                              (630) 682-2464                ian.smith@cusd200.org
    Director of High School Instruction

    Danielle Moran
    Sean Walsh
    Directors of K-8 Instruction

    Erica Ekstrom                                         (630) 682-2007                erica.ekstrom@cusd200.org
    Executive Director of
    Special Education                                                                            

    Dr. Julie Oziemkowski                          (630) 682-2026                julie.oziemkowski@cusd200.org
    Director of School Improvement                                                     

    Limaris Pueyo                                       (630) 682-2006                limaris.pueyo@cusd200.org
    Director of English Learners & Equity

    Human Resources                                                                          

    Dr. Charlie Kyle                                     (630) 682-2015                charles.kyle@cusd200.org
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Administrative Services                                                                   

    Kristy Kuntz                                          (630) 682-2021                kristy.kuntz@cusd200.org
    Director of Human Resources                                                         

    Community Engagement and Communications                                                                              

    Erica Loiacono                                       (630) 682-2469                erica.loiacono@cusd200.org
    Director of Community Engagement
    and Communications                                                           

    Student Services                                                                             

    Dr. Chris Silagi                                      (630) 682-2019                christopher.silagi@cusd200.org
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Student Services                                                                              

    Scott Radford                                        (630) 682-2095                scott.radford@cusd200.org
    Director of Special Education, K-5
    Johnson, Bower, Madison,
    Pleasant Hill, Lowell, Wiesbrook,

    Mary Davis                                            (630) 682-2264                mary.davis@cusd200.org
    Assistant Director of
    Special Education, K-5
    Bower, Lincoln, Hawthorne,
    Emerson, Longfellow, Sandburg,

                                                               (630) 682-2422               
    Director of Special Education,
    WWS, WN, Transition Program                                                      

    Megan Burress                                      (630) 821-7900 ext. 4519   megan.burress@cusd200.org
    Assistant Director of
    Special Education, 6-8
    Edison, Franklin, Hubble, Monroe                                                  

    Stephanie Mangini                                  (630) 682-2474                stephanie.farrelly@cusd200.org
    Jefferson Early Childhood Center                                                   

    Technology Services                                                                       

    Rodney Mack                                        (630) 682-2232                rodney.mack@cusd200.org
    Executive Director of Technology