• Contact the Board of Education

    We welcome your comments and questions for members of the Board of Education. You may contact the entire Board of Education by emailing them at board@cusd200.org.

    The Board of Education acts as an entity, not as individuals, and the position or opinion of the Board of Education can only take place by action of the entire Board. Please note that any email sent to the Board of Education will also be received by several senior-level district office personnel. 

    If the topic of the message is a question that can be answered by a member of the administrative staff, the message will be referred to the appropriate administrator for a response. 

    It is the Board’s regular practice to not directly discuss, ask questions or take action on comments from the public until the time has been taken to gather adequate information and potentially discuss the topic at a regularly scheduled public meeting. The Board does listen to feedback from the community. Lack of immediate action or a direct response following your message does not imply any lack of interest in what is being shared.