Technology Center of Dupage (TCD)

  • 9/16/2020

    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    FYI from TCD's Principal today at 2pm. I have an email to him to ask if all TCD students and families have been made aware:

    In August when TCD announced our shift to “remote learning” to start the school year we stated we were hoping for students to return to TCD for some type of in-person instruction (hybrid) on September 21st.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet that goal.  We will need one additional week for logistical/planning purposes due to finalizing and balancing numbers for social distancing. The complexity of working with 34 different high schools that have different remote learning schedules has proven to be a challenge. We greatly appreciate all of the efforts our sending schools have gone through in providing TCD with the data we have requested. All schools are facing different challenges we have never faced before, we understand that gathering this data, and information was not easy.  The data that has been provided has helped us devise a plan that emphasizes safety for everyone, permits us to create a schedule that follows the IDPH guidelines, and allows for equity for our students. 

    To summarize:

    • TCD Students will continue full Remote Learning through September 25th
    • Monday September 28thTCD will start a Hybrid schedule for remote and in-person learning

    We are finalizing our plans and will provide the full details of our plan no later than the close of business on Monday September 21st

    If you have, any questions regarding TCD’s plan for our Hybrid model feel free to email me ( or call me at 630-691-7581.

    If students are having login issues for schoology or their TCD email they should send an email to and the IT staff will assist them.  Make sure they send their full name in all emails to TCD staff.


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    This email is regarding the time schedule for TCD students.
    This year TCD is working with students coming from 34 different high schools. It is a big challenge to work remotely and try to meet the new remote learning schedules of all of our sending schools. The schedule TCD instructors will be following is our simple 5 day a week schedule. Students will be required to login daily to record attendance by 1:15pm.
    • The AM session starts at 8:00am and ends at 10:40am.
    • The PM session starts at 11:45am (noon) and ends at 2:40pm.
    • Teachers will be available to their students during these times daily and will communicate to their students any other availability.
    • TCD teachers will have a minimum of 3 live meetings with students each week for synchronous (live) instruction. These meetings will be recorded and made available to students who may not have been able to tune in to the session due to a schedule conflict with the block/hybrid model their home school is using.
    • TCD teachers have been busy recording demonstrations and lectures for asynchronous learning as well. They may also use prerecorded material from third parties for additional asynchronous learning.
    TCD teachers are aware that home schools are running different schedules and will communicate with students about specific meeting times for their classes. The start times for these meetings should be consistent and communicated by the individual teachers. Live instructional session lengths will vary and look different from day to day.  
    TCD is a career learning center. We expect students to notify their teachers at least one day in advance when they have conflicts so teacher can communicate the expectations for that day. The goal with our model is not to overburden our students but to spread out content across the week. The session times above are our normal session times when students are physically in our building and do not reflect a constant lecture period of 2 hours and 40 minutes. Our teachers will provide lessons, work, and activities that would occupy a similar amount of time for students if they were at TCD in-person. 
    Login information should have arrived by mail. If you have not received this letter, please email or call 630-620-8770 and press 5 for the principal’s office. 
    If your district is on the text below, please follow the instructions that follow.
    “For Lisle CUSD 202, Downers Grove District 99, Naperville CUSD 203, Hinsdale Township HS District 86 and DuPage HS District 88 please completely log off from your Chromebook and login with TCD provided credentials. This will give you access to TCD resources.” 
    Saludos a los estudiantes, padres y tutores de TCD,
    Este correo electrónico se refiere al horario de los estudiantes de TCD.
    Este año, TCD está trabajando con estudiantes de 34 escuelas secundarias diferentes. Es un gran desafío trabajar de forma remota e intentar cumplir con los nuevos horarios de aprendizaje remoto de todas nuestras escuelas de envío. El horario que seguirán los instructores de TCD es nuestro sencillo horario de 5 días a la semana. Los estudiantes deberán iniciar sesión diariamente para registrar la asistencia antes de la 1:15 pm.
    • La sesión de la mañana comienza a las 8:00 am hasta las 10:40 am.
    • La sesión de la tarde de la tarde a partir de las 11:45 pm (mediodía) hasta las 2:40 pm.
    • Los maestros estarán disponibles para sus estudiantes durante esos horarios todos los días y comunicarán cualquier otra disponibilidad.
    • Los maestros de TCD tendrán un mínimo de 3 reuniones en vivo con los estudiantes cada semana para la instrucción sincrónica (en vivo) que se grabará y estará disponible para los estudiantes que pueden no haber podido sintonizar la sesión debido a un conflicto de horario con el modelo de bloque / híbrido que está usando su escuela local.
    • Los profesores de TCD también han estado ocupados grabando demostraciones y conferencias para el aprendizaje asincrónico. También pueden estar utilizando material pregrabado de terceros para un aprendizaje asincrónico adicional.
    Los maestros de TCD son conscientes de que las escuelas en el hogar tienen diferentes horarios y se comunicarán con los estudiantes sobre los horarios de reunión específicos para sus clases. Los horarios de inicio de estas reuniones deben ser coherentes y deben ser comunicados por los profesores individuales. La duración de las sesiones de instrucción en vivo variará y se verá diferente de un día a otro. TCD es un centro de aprendizaje de carreras. Esperamos que los estudiantes notifiquen a sus maestros cuando tengan conflictos al menos un día antes, para que el maestro notifique al estudiante sobre las expectativas para ese día. El objetivo de nuestro modelo no es sobrecargar a nuestros estudiantes, sino distribuir el contenido durante la semana. Los tiempos de sesión anteriores son nuestros tiempos de sesión normales para cuando los estudiantes están físicamente en nuestro edificio y no reflejan un período de clase constante de 2 horas y 40 minutos. Nuestros maestros brindarán lecciones, trabajo y / o actividades que ocuparían una cantidad similar de tiempo que sus estudiantes si estuvieran en TCD en persona.
    La información de inicio de sesión ya debería estar en su buzón de correo. Si no la ha recibido, envíeme un correo electrónico a o llame al 630-620-8770 y presione 5 para la oficina del director. Si su distrito está en el texto a continuación, siga las instrucciones a continuación.
    “Para Lisle CUSD 202, Downers Grove Distrito 99, Naperville CUSD 203, Hinsdale Township HS Distrito 86 y DuPage HS Distrito 88, cierre la sesión por completo de su Chromebook e inicie sesión con las credenciales provistas por TCD. Esto le dará acceso a los recursos de TCD ".


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD  

    The Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) will be switching to remote learning to start the school year on August 19 with a target date of moving to a Hybrid Schedule on September 21.  TCD serves 14 DuPage area school districts with 24 high schools in those districts.  We also work with additional schools outside of the DuPage area districts.  As we have tried to work with all our schools over the last few weeks to determine which students would be selecting online and which would like the opportunity to attend in-person, it has become difficult to have this information in time to properly plan for conducting in-person learning next week.  In addition to that, some new Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Guidelines were released on August 12 regarding in-person learning that we need some additional time to implement.

    •  August 19 will be TCD’s first school day unless your home school starts at a later date.  TCD students are allowed to login and participate prior to their school’s start date if they choose to do so.  
    • Remote learning will include scheduled synchronous learning sessions as well as asynchronous learning opportunities.  We will be analyzing our partner schools remote learning plans to see how we can work with the schedules the home school district has set for their students.    
    •  Login information for our Gradebook, Learning Management System (LMS) - Schoology, and TCD student email were mailed today.  If you have not received them by 12:00pm (noon), Tuesday August 18, contact Dr. Jason Hlavacs by email ( or by phone 630-620-8770 and press 5 for the principal’s office.  

    One of the questions I am sure you have is why did we pick to have remote learning until September 18?  The reasons are:

    • This date puts TCD’s new date for in-person after several Districts are planning to start their Hybrid Schedules
    • TCD usually spends the first 4 weeks primarily in the classrooms where students are learning safety and introduction to the career program.  This would allow us to move right into the lab areas where we have more space when we return to a Hybrid schedule on September 21.
    • Extra time is needed to get information from each District on whether a student is going to be remote only or will attend some days in-person.  We need time to make adjustments and schools have not had enough time to work this out because they have been trying to figure out what they are doing in their own building.
    • Gives TCD more time to prepare for in-person learning based on new guidelines from IDPH that were released on August 12
    • This is the best option at this time: the situation continues to change.  This is best for TCD

    We understand this is not what anyone was hoping for and we will continue to update everyone as the school year progresses.


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, I wanted to make you aware of a few end of the year items. 

    Attached to this message, you will find a schedule for curbside pick-up that will begin on Monday, May 11.  All belongings that remained is student’s lockers have been bagged up for curbside pick-up.  Please come in during your scheduled time if you wish to collect your belongings.  Cosmetology Phase 1 students will have a different schedule that will be shared next week to come in and collect their belongings. 

    Today is the last day that teachers will be posting any new work for students to complete for the year.  The only exception to this will be students that are still completing work towards certification.  Students need to complete all work to improve their high school grade prior to their last day for their home school.  TCD Teachers will still be available to assist students with assignments through May 21, 2020.    

    TCD will be running cosmetology summer school online for the months of June and July.  More details will be sent to all cosmetology students next week. 

    Any TCD student that was not keeping up with work and maintaining a C or better for their dual credit course(s) was withdrew today.  This does not pertain to the high school grade, only for the requirements to receive dual credit.

    In some of our programs, students still have some requirements for certification that need to be completed over the summer.  The program instructor will be reaching out to the students that need to still complete certification requirements regarding how that can be finished once our Region of the State moves to Phase 3 according to the Governor’s Plan. 


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    Below is a update of TCD

    • We are finalizing a plan for students to return books and equipment to TCD and pick up their personal items as well as materials needed to end the school year soon.  We will communicate that as soon as the plan is completed.
    • New academic content will no longer be presented to students between May 8th and May 15th depending on the needs of their program.  Teachers will communicate this information to their students.

    Grade Information

    • The last time grade info was sent out prior to the school closing was March 11th.  Some student grades may have changed (and lowered) because of grades being entered for assignments with due dates on or before March 13, 2020.
    • There are students at TCD on one of 3 grade tracks some students may be on all 3, 2 or just 1).
      • Dual Credit – These students still need to complete all assignments and they are recorded as is per the ISBE Remote Learning Recommendations document of March 27th. We have not had any of our dual credit partners change grading from what is in their programs.
      • State Licensing students- We also have state licensing programs governed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). They have made some changes related to clinical hours and delivery of online content, but they have not relaxed any grading requirements.  Students in these programs may still see grades change as far as raising or lowering.
      • High school credit only- students who are not included in either of the above categories will have the following grades entered in gradebooks in the following manner:
    • All assignments with dues dates on or before March 13, 2020 will be entered as they normally would have been.
    • For all assignments with due dates after March 13, 2020 the following will be entered in the gradebooks
    • I – incomplete – These will not influence the class grade
    • P – Pass – These will be entered for assignments, will not raise the student’s grade in the class
    • The actual grade – this will be entered for assignments that were turned in and will only raise the student’s grade.
    • There may still be some gradebook cleaning up going on as well.  SDS is our SIS and prior to March 13 it would have been used for all aspects of grading. Teachers will now have to keep the High school grade book only in SDS and will keep additional gradebooks for their Dual credit students and or state licensing students as those grading standards have not changed throughout this time.  Teachers of students may have entered some grades in SDS that may have lowered the student’s grade in SDS prior to this clarification.  These will be cleaned up soon.

     Important information for Dual Credit Students

    1. The drop deadline for most of our dual credit classes has been extended. The teacher will be communicating these deadlines with students.  Most of our dual credit comes from COD and we will need a decision from the student regarding their status as a dual credit student by no later than May 6th, 2020. The fact a student’s grade will still fluctuate as a dual credit student during remote instruction they may want or be advised to withdraw if their grade has lowered. 
    2. If s student with draws the gradebook will shift from the dual credit gradebook to the State Licensing or high school grade gook requirements. There may be some instances where a student withdraws from dual credit and still is in the state licensing sequence.


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    Here is a remote learning update on what TCD is doing for students.  As previously stated, TCD was not set up for this type of teaching and learning. Our attempt at using Google Classrooms is still proving to be a struggle due to a number of technical issues with student devices and multiple sign-ins for different schools. As a result of these struggles, TCD is going to start using the enterprise version of Schoology for our learning management system (LMS). We are currently working with Schoology to have TCD’s platform up and running by next week. Our teachers will be participating in training on Schoology this Thursday April 9th (with follow up training a week later on Thursday April 16th).  We are hoping to go live to students with Schoology on Tuesday April 14th. We will be communicating this to students later this week and providing them with login instructions on Monday April 13th. We will send the principals and primary contacts the same info we will be sending students in case they call you for assistance and so you are in the information loop.  In the meantime, we will continue to facilitate our classes with our google classrooms between now and April 13.  Our teachers and IT Staff are continuing to do their very best to make sure our students get something meaningful during this time period, but we still have a number of students we have not been able to make contact with. A list of these students was created yesterday (4/6) and we will be seeking your assistance in contacting students who have yet to login or cannot be reached by email or phone.

    Below are key dates and what is going on at TCD for April as of right now:

    • April 6-8 Teachers are to continue providing lessons via Google Classroom
    • April 6 TCD instructional staff, teaching assistants, and counselors participated in a zoom meeting that gave an overview of the plans for “Remote Learning Planning Days” (RLPD) on April 9 and 13 (no new content will be posted on these days as teachers will be participating in PD and planning for delivering content on Schoology). This was also communicated with the students on Friday April 3rd 
    • April 9 is the first of two RLPDs  
    • April 10 Good Friday is a Non-Attendance day for everyone.
    • April 13 is the second of two RLPDs
    • April 14-30 Students will resume remote instruction by checking into Schoology.  Teachers will have information regarding the facilitation of their classes for the remainder of the remote learning time on their Schoology pages.  


    From Jason Hlavacs, Principal, TCD

    Here is an update on what TCD is doing for students during our “Act of God” days. Prior to last Monday we had 13 google classrooms set up and now we have 47.  Our teachers and IT Staff are doing their very best to make sure our students get something meaningful during this time period, but this is all very new to the TCD staff. We may be seeking some assistance in contacting students who have yet to login or can’t be reached by email or phone. I have some highlights below and please let me know if you need anything. 

    • All course programs will be facilitated through Google Classroom.
    • HVAC and Construction - these students are working through a 3 week OSHA. They may have finished the 10 hour certification program, but the instructors have added additional content. They log in to this OSHA program online.
    • The EMT and Nurses Assistant programs were already fully implemented in google classroom, so these programs should running smoothly.
    • Most of the other programs were not being delivered via google classroom prior to this week, so there are some delays in getting students in. TCD staff are being informed today to make phone calls to any students who are not yet logged into their google classroom portal for their program.  This is an issue that may continue this week due to domain whitelists needing to be updated with our domains listed in the sub-bullets.  Please check with your tech departments to see if this can or has been done.
    • The state has issued a waiver so that all online cosmetology instruction will count for their 1500 practicum hours required for certification.  The Cosmetology spring break program will be facilitated online. If students registered and paid for it they will still get those hours as well.  


What is TCD?

  • Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) is the high school’s center for advanced career and technical education. TCD offers solid preparation for fields such as culinary arts, cosmetology, engineering, auto body, and early childhood education and care to name just a few. Available to juniors and seniors, TCD provides 24 career electives and 24 pathways to college/career success. Additional information about TCD can be found on the TCD website, Questions? Ask you counselor!

TCD Attendance & Bus Information

  • If you're absent: you must call both TCD (630-691-7529) and WWS (630-784-7203) attendance lines. 

    If you miss the bus TO TCD: you will remain at WWS for the day. Check in with Mr. Hines in the Dean's office.

    If you miss the bus FROM TCD: check in with the Student Services Office at TCD. It is your responsibility to find a ride back to WWS.

    Wednesdays: NO LATE START, you will still attend TCD as normal. Bus will leave TCD on the following Wednesdays at 10:25am

    • August 29
    • September 5, 12, 19, 26
    • October 3, 10, 17. 24, 31
    • November 7, 14, 28
    • December 5, 12, 19
    • January 23, 30 (no late start January 9 and 16)
    • February 6, 13, 20, 27
    • March 6, 13, 20
    • April 3, 10, 17, 24
    • May 1

    Morning Assemblies at WWS: You are required to attend TCD.

    Final Exams: Final exam schedules will be posted on the TCD website after the WWS final exam schedules have been announced.

2019-20 Dates

  • Start and End Days

    • First day of TCD- Wednesday, August 21st
    • Last day of TCD for Juniors- Friday, May 22nd
    • Last day of TCD for Seniors- TBD

    TCD Non-Attendance Days

    • September 2- Labor Day, no school
    • September 20- Institute Day, no school
    • October 14- Columbus Day, no school
    • November 8- Institute Day, no school
    • November 25-29- Thanksgiving Break, no school
    • Friday, December 20- TCD is not in session. You may attend WWS in the morning and remain in the library for periods 1-4. Otherwise, you will only attend for your afternoon classes. 
    • December 23-January 3- Winter Break, no school
    • January 13-16- TBD Final Exams
    • January 17- Institute Day, no school
    • January 20- MLK Day, no school
    • February 17- Presidents Day, no school
    • February 28- Institute Day, no school
    • March 30-April 3- Spring Break, no school
    • April 8- TBD Testing Day??
    • April 10- no school
    • May 22- Last day for Juniors
    • May 25- Memorial Day, no school
    • May 26-28- TCD is not in session. You may attend WWS in the morning and remain in the library for periods 1-4. Otherwise, you will only attend for your afternoon classes. 
    • May 29-June 3- TBD Final Exams