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    Summer Reading Bingo!

    Camp Out with a good book text around an orange tent

    There are two options for Bingo, you can print the sheet and keep track at home or the student can login to their CUSD200 account and click the "Online Bingo" to make a copy to their Google Drive to keep track throughout the summer. 

    To turn in your form give the printed copies to your classroom teacher. If you made a digitial copy share it with Mrs. Peterson (sarah.peterson@cusd200.org).

    To share it, open the document from your Google Drive, click the "Share" button, type my email under "Share with people or groups", then click "Send".

    Please turn these in by Friday September 18th, 2020.

    Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grades Printable Bingo - Online Bingo

    3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades Printable Bingo - Online Bingo