• Title I: School Parental Involvement Policy



    Vision: Parents are their children's first and most important teachers. Research tells us that parent involvement has a positive impact on student achievement. We strive to Welcome families, establish personal relationships among families and staff, help parents understand how the system works and encourage family-staff collaboration. Our school is committed to being family-friendly and to Working as partners with our families to help ALL our students learn to high levels.

    Our school encourages families to be:

    • Teachers of their children at home

    • Actively involved in their child's education at School

    • Partners in their child's education, including providing input for the Title I Program

    To be fully family-friendly, our school will provide:
    1. A welcoming environment
      • Friendly signs welcome visitors.

      • The school welcomes new families, offers tours, and introduces them to staff.

        Bilingual speakers are available to help families.

      • Visitors are greeted politely and immediately and can get information easily.

    2. Programs and activities to engage families in improving student achievement
      • Current student work is displayed throughout the building so that visitors can understand the purpose of the work and the high standards it is to meet

      • Suggestions are sent home by school personnel to parents how to help their children with school work at home.

      • The school reports regularly to parents about student progress. Report cards are provided in native languages for the four largest language groups in the District.

      • Parents are invited to an annual meeting regarding student participation in the Title I Reading Program.

    3. Strong relationships between teachers and families

      • Teachers and families meet in the fall for a parent-teacher conference to discuss student progress. Interpreters are employed when needed.

      • Parents are kept aware of the school's improvement efforts via the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and the annual School Report Card that are posted on the School Website.
      • A parent liaison helps teachers connect to families and bridge barriers of language and culture.

      • The school is open and accessible. Parents can meet with the principal, talk to teachers and counselors, and bring up issues and concerns.

    4. Building capacity for parent involvement

      • Parents are provided with information on Common Core Standards, assessments, description of the Reading Support Program, and requirements of Title I. District Curriculum is posted on the District website.

      • Parents of children in the Title Program are provided with a Parent Compact that outlines the responsibilities of each party in the education of the children.

      • Parent input will be sought related to the Title Program.

      • At Title Parent Night, parents will be given training needed to help their children be successful in the Title and classroom reading program.

      • The school reaches out to identify and draw in local community resources that can families.


    Sandburg School Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title programs as evidenced by the Title Parent Night Agenda.

    The policy will be reviewed every year and updated or revised as needed after consultation with parents and staff.