• Department Staff 

    Dr. Charlie Kyle,  Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services                             
    charles.kyle@cusd200.org (630) 682-2015           

    Kristy Kuntz, Director of Human Resources            Jonelle Schon, Assistant Director of Human Resources                                                                                                                     kristy.kuntz@cusd200.org (630) 682-2021                  jonelle.schon@cusd200.org (630) 682-2309  

    HR Department Fax: (630) 682-2384                                                       Verifications of Employment: (630) 682-2385                               
    Substitute Calling System Phone:  (800) 942-3767 toll-free    Substitute Calling System Help Desk: (630) 682-2404

    Jennifer Schon, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources Coordinator
    jennifer.schon@cusd200.org  (630) 682-2391 

    Administrative support for Assistant Superintendent
    Frontline: Recruiting & Hiring/Job Postings
    Fingerprinting appointments
    Personnel report for BOE
    TalentEd – evaluation system
    Staff ID badge system
    Volunteer authorizations and fingerprinting 

    Eileen Amelio, Human Resources - Sub Coordinator
    eileen.amelio@cusd200.org (630) 682-2405 

    Frontline: Absence Management System - Help Desk
    Employment Verifications
    GCN tutorial system
    Seniority list (CEA)

    Bethany Mavromatis, Substitute Coordinator/Human Resources Coordinator                                         
    bethany.mavromatis@cusd200.org (630) 682-2213 

    Frontline: Absence Management System 
    Employee attendance records
    Guest employee payroll
    Long-term & permanent guest employees 

     Gina Polubinski , Human Resources Coordinator                                        
     gina.polubinski@cusd200.org (630) 682-2385     

    Building reports
    Employee database processor: employee name & contact info. changes
    Employee recognition tracking
    Seniority list (WWEA)

    Pauline Weber, Human Resources Coordinator
     pauline.weber@cusd200.org (630) 682-2211 

    Course work approvals, lane changes, transcripts
    Leave of absences
    Student teacher & observation placements


Last Modified on February 28, 2023