• Election Update

    As you may be aware by now, our community did not approve the referendum to build a new Jefferson Early Childhood Center. However, creating a 21st Century learning environment that meets the needs of the children at Jefferson will remain a priority for District 200 leadership. 

    In meeting with the staff at Jefferson, Superintendent Dr. Brian Harris and Board President Rosemary Swanson explained that one of the District's top priorities will be to engage the community in further conversations about an acceptable solution to update Jefferson to meet the unique needs of the children that attend the school. The new Board of Education will also need to make plans to address all of the capital needs that have been identified at all 20 schools across the district.   

    In the Board of Education election, Barbara Intihar and Joann Coghill were re-elected to new four-year terms and will rejoin Rosemary Swanson, Jim Vroman, and Jim Gambaiani. We will welcome two new board members, Jim Mathieson and Brad Paulsen, who will take their seats in May.

    District 200 would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked hard on behalf of the Jefferson Referendum and appreciate the support. We welcome feedback, thoughts or comments regarding our future facility needs for District 200.  
Last Modified on August 6, 2012