• 2019-2020 Absence and Message Procedures - pdf


    Student Absence, Appointment & Message procedures


    Absences: All students are required by law to attend school every day the school is in session. If a student is to be absent from school, a parent or guardian must call the Hubble attendance line before 8:00am at (630-821-7900). Recorded messages can be left anytime.  When calling, provide your child’s name, ID#, grade and reason for the absence. 


    Please note:  If a parent or guardian has not notified the school by 9:00AM, the office will attempt to contact you at home, work, or through emergency contact numbers to make sure your child is safe.  Please keep all phone numbers current by notifying the main office in writing.


    Prearranged Absences:  It is understood that students may be absent from school for various reasons beyond their control.  Removing students from school for vacation is discouraged; however, it is recognized that some cases are unavoidable.  Students who know in advance that they will be absent from school for three or more days are required to complete a Prearranged Absence Form and return it to the Main Office at least 24 hours prior to the absence.


    Appointments/Early Dismissals:  If you must take your child from Hubble for any reason during the school day, please do the following. 


    1. Call the Main Office at 630-821-7900 between 6:00-7:45AM and tell us the time your student will be leaving.  (You may also call the day before the appointment.)


    1. As your child arrives at school, they will need to stop by the main office and pick up their pass for this departure.


    1. At this dismissal time:


    • The student should show the pass to his/her teacher and proceed to the Main Office.


    • A parent or guardian must come to the Main Office and sign his/her student out of the building.


    1. Upon returning to school, students can sign themselves back into the building and they will receive a pass to return to class.



    Messages to students:  Message requests should be limited to emergency situations however; we understand that occasionally you may need to get a message to your child that is not an emergency.  Messages received prior to lunch time will be delivered during your child’s lunch period.   Due to staffing limitations, we cannot guarantee that any message received after lunch time will be delivered by the end of the school day. 




    Bus Passes


    • Bus Passes need to be carried every day and are required to get on the bus in the afternoon.


    • If a student forgets his/her bus pass, a temporary bus pass is available in the Main Office. Temporary bus passes may be obtained in the Main Office from 7:30AM – 2:50PM.  In order to avoid delaying the 3:00pm buses, passes are not given out between 2:50 – 3:10pm.


    • If a bus pass is lost, a new one can be purchased at the Main Office for $5.00.


    • Students may only ride his/her regular bus route home and may not take another route home with a friend.


    • The bus company requires student to be at their stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.


    Phone Use  (Cell phones must be kept in lockers 8-3pm.)


    A phone is available in the Main Office (7:30AM - 4:00PM) for students to contact a parent or guardian.