• Bus Information 


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    Bus Passes 

    Bus Passes need to be carried every day and are required to get on the bus in the afternoon. 
    If a student forgets his/her bus pass, a temporary bus pass is available in the Main Office for .50 cents.  Temporary bus passes are sold in the Main Office from 7:30AM – 2:45PM.  No passes are sold after 2:45PM. If the student does not have .50 cents, they will be given a temporary bus pass and will be expected to bring in the money the following day. 
    If a bus pass is lost, a new one can be purchased at the Main Office for $3.00. 
    Students may only ride his/her regular bus route home and may not take another route home with a friend. 
    The bus company requires student to be at their stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.