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    January 18, 2021

    Panther Families, 

    I hope you were able to enjoy the snow this weekend and found a meaningful way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Since we had no school today, it is Cohort B’s turn to start the week in person. This week’s schedule is as follows: 

    Tues., Jan. 19 

    • Cohort B in person; Cohort A should log on to any classes that are live streaming
    • Cohort B students participating in surveillance testing bring samples to school

    Wed., Jan. 20

    • Synchronous, at-home day for all students. Students should log on to all classes following the 9-1:25 schedule.

    Thurs., Jan. 21

    • Cohort A in person; Cohort B should log on to any classes that are live streaming
    • Cohort A students participating in surveillance testing bring samples to school

    Fri., Jan. 22

    • Cohort B in person; Cohort A should log on to any classes that are live streaming

    Next week is also a four-day week. There is no school on Friday, January 29, so next week’s schedule is as follows: 

    • Mon., Jan. 25 - Cohort A in person
    • Tues., Jan. 26 - Cohort B in person, submit surveillance testing samples
    • Wed., Jan. 27 - Synchronous, at-home day for all students following 9-1:25 schedule
    • Thurs., Jan. 28 - Cohort A in person, submit surveillance testing samples
    • Fri., Jan. 29 - No school

    Breakfast and Lunch Orders for the Week - Any student can receive meals at no charge. This continues throughout the remainder of this school year. Students can submit their order for the whole week on Sunday afternoons using the links below, or they can order for the week when they arrive at school on Monday or Tuesday mornings. 

    Food Service Pre-Order Cohort A: Jan. 18-22

    Food Service Pre-Order Cohort B: Jan. 18-22

    Surveillance Testing - Thank you to everyone who participated in surveillance testing. This week:

    • Cohort B should return samples tomorrow, Tuesday, January 19. 
    • Cohort A students should return samples on Thursday, January 21. 

    Students will drop their samples in a bin in front of the main display case near the front office. 

    If your child did not participate in the first round of surveillance testing, but you would like to opt-in for the next round, complete the form linked below: 

    Details regarding surveillance testing are available on our district website here


    CUSD 200 PACE Program Testing for Students Currently in 6th and 7th Grade

    PURPOSE:  Testing results will be used to qualify students for 7th grade Fast-Paced Language Arts, 7th grade Fast-Paced Mathematics, 8th grade Fast-Paced Language Arts, and 8th grade Fast-Paced Mathematics✪ for the 2020-2021 school year.   


    • Any middle school student who lives in the District 200 attendance area is eligible to participate*.  
    • Students are invited to test based on parent and/or teacher recommendation.

    Specific dates and times to be determined. Results will be made available in May 2021.

    PROCESS: Should your student be interested in PACE testing for possible PACE placement for the following year, please complete the parent referral form and submit by email to the PACE office at pace@cusd200.org by Monday, February 1, 2021. (Should this date be missed, the next possible testing time will be made available in the summer)

    ✪ Entering 8th-grade students whose scores initially qualify for FPM will also need to complete and pass a High School Algebra 1 Class (summer school) and CUSD 200 Algebra Local Assessment before finally qualifying for 8th grade Fast Paced Math for the next school year.

    *Students who currently attend a private school or are homeschooled, but reside in the District 200 attendance area, are eligible for the PACE Testing. If a student qualifies for the PACE Program under these special circumstances, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from classes. The parent must consider scheduling issues when making a decision regarding participation in the PACE Program.

    Community News and Events

    Free GPS Parent Workshops 

    • Thu, Jan 21 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Lanny Wilson, M.D. and panel discuss Railroad Safety. Every three hours in the U.S. a person or vehicle is hit by a train according to the National Traffic Safety Board. That translates to 2,100 North Americans who are killed or seriously injured around tracks with devastating consequences for loved ones and members of the community. It can take more than a mile to stop a train — the equivalent of about 18 football fields making it difficult if not impossible for a train to stop. Lanny Wilson MD has made it his mission is to keep families safe around trains after his daughter, Lauren, died in a train accident. Wilson who now serves as chairman of the DuPage Railroad Safety Council, will join us and share his daughter’s story. Also serving on the distinguished panel of experts are Brian Vercruysse, P.E. Rail Safety Program Administrator, Illinois Commerce Commission, Kurt M. Blodgett, Sr. Manager Risk Management Union Pacific and Hilary Konczal, Metra’s Chief Safety & Environmental Officer.

    This event will be presented virtually. Use the link below to log in from your computer, phone, or tablet for this engaging event. Participants’ cameras and microphones will be disabled during the speaker’s presentation and slideshow. Questions may be submitted ahead of time to Gilda Ross, Glenbard District 87 student and community projects coordinator, at gilda_ross@glenbard.org. The link to log in to this webinar from your computer, tablet or phone at https://glenbard.zoom.us/j/82575774474.

    • Wed, Jan 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Dr. John Duffy presents Parenting in the New Age of Anxiety: Understanding Your Child’s Stressed, Depressed and Amazing Adolescence. The link to join the webinar is https://www.cod.edu/GPS. Parenting is more difficult and complicated than it has ever been. Our kids today are psychologically and emotionally burdened by social media, unreasonable academic and social stressors, and an unprecedented stream of information. They are exposed to the harshest elements of the world much too soon. The upside is that they have this thoughtful, compassionate worldview and sense of justice that we may have lacked. The downside is that our kids are in an undue degree of psychic pain. They suffer far more anxiety, depression, attention issues, and suicidal ideation than any generation preceding them. More than ever, our kids need us to help them make sense of, and integrate, all they take in, starting at a very early age. To do that, we must know and truly understand their world. Dr. John Duffy is a clinical psychologist, best-selling author and podcaster specializing in relationships, parenting, teens and families.  Along with his clinical work, Dr. Duffy is the author of the number-one best-selling The Available Parent, and Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety.
    • If you missed last week’s workshop with Phyllis L. Fagell titled Middle School Matters: 10 Key Skills Kids Need to Thrive and Prepare for a Changing World, a recording of it is available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/3BXJUFWC5Ks. Additional resources are available on the GPS website here: https://www.glenbardgps.org/event/middle-school-matters-10-key-skills-kids-need-to-thrive-in-middle-school-and-beyond-how-parents-can-help-2/

    Water’s Worth It Essay Contest - The Central States Water Environment Association of Illinois invites students in grades 6-8 to join the Water’s Worth It Campaign by writing a short essay about water scarcity. The Essay Topic: Optimism in the face of a Global Water Crisis. First prize is $200; runner-up is $100. For details, see the CSWEA Essay Contest flyer. 

    Have a great week!

    Rachel Bednar, Principal 

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