Student IDs

    Students must carry their ID at all times during school days and school functions.

    Student handbooks

    All students receive a handbook/planner. This book serves three purposes. First, it is an assignment notebook for students to keep records of class assignments. Second, it contains information and procedures that students need to know how to successfully navigate through the middle school years. Third, the student handbook is a great tool for parents, students, and teachers to use for communication and keeping track of assignments.

    Student fees

    There is a fee structure for athletics, activities and clubs. We at Franklin support the extracurricular programs and do not want any student denied the opportunity to participate because they are unable to pay. Please call (682-2060), Mr. Bendis, or Mr. Kish if you need assistance with fees.

    Attendance/Early dismissal

    If your student is absent, please call the attendance office (682-2359) before 10:00 a.m. to report the absence. When a student needs to be dismissed early from school for a doctor's appointment, etc., please send a note with your student to be brought to the main office before first period stating the reason and the time you would like the student dismissed. The student will then receive a pass to show to his or her teacher indicating the appropriate dismissal time. The person picking up the student needs to come to door #1 in the front of the building. The student will look for their parent's car and leave once they see it. Parents DO NOT need to come in.

    Please should not leave attendance or early dismissal messages on the main office voice mail. Regular attendance at school is critical to a child's learning. It is rarely possible to provide students with the same experience they would receive in the classroom in a "make-up" situation, because many of the daily activities cannot be packaged and sent home. The school staff does recognize, however, that a child may need to stay home when he/she is ill or there is a family emergency. While regular attendance is important to a student's learning, it is also important to the district's bottom line. The state aid formula is based, in part, on the district's average daily attendance. When attendance declines, the district's share of state aid also declines. As a result, we would also encourage families to schedule medical, dental,and orthodontal appointments outside of the scheduled school day. Parents are also asked to plan family travel during school vacations and on school holidays to avoid taking their children out of school earlier than the scheduled days off.


    Vacations during the school year are discouraged, especially during test weeks in the fall and spring. Even the most conscientious efforts of students and teachers are no substitute for daily attendance. If students must take a vacation during the school year, they need to notify the office at least one week prior to the absence. They should plan to do work before leaving or during the vacation. Students should arrange to come in before or stay after school to make up tests or lab work.

    Messages/Dropping off items

    Regarding items/ messages for delivery to students during the school day, we will avoid interrupting class. Any item or message that needs to be delivered to a student during the school day will be done at the appropriate lunchtime.  Parents may not come into the office to drop off items, but you can place them on the table at the bottom of the stairs near the entrance of door 1 for your child.  The office will contact the teacher when it is the least disruptive, or tell your child at lunchtime to come retrieve their item.  Please do not text your child, since cell phones aren't allowed to be used.

    Menus/Lunch accounts

    This school year, 2022-2023, school lunches are no longer "free for all".  Please see the CUSD200 website for information on how to apply for free/reduced meals.