• Sandburg's Guidelines for Success can be summed up in the following four statements:

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    1. Be Safe.

    2. Be Responsible.

    3. Be Respectful.

    4. Do Your Best.

    All Sandburg expectations support these four guidelines.

    Basic Respect

    1. You should behave with good manners and respect for all adults and other students. A greeting for all adults in the building is encouraged.

    2. You are to obey and follow the directions of all teachers and employees in our building.

    3. When visitors are in our building or classrooms, continue to behave respectfully and quietly. Offer help if necessary.

    4. Respect all property: your property, the property of others, and our building and everything in it. This includes your desk, bathrooms, hallways and the LLC.

    5. Know and obey all school rules. Use your good judgement. Be accountable for your own behavior and also accept the consequences of your action.

    General School Rules

    1. Walk at all times in the building. No running in the halls. 

    2. Talk in a quiet voice. The hallways are quiet zones. When you come in from outside, it is time to walk and be quiet.

    3. Fighting and rough behavior are not permitted.

    4. Disrespectful comments, gestures, teasing or bad language are not permitted.

    5. Permission must be obtained from the adult in charge to enter the building before school, during lunch or other times during outside activities.

    6. Play objects (toys, radios, etc.) are not to be brought to school unless they are for a school project or sharing. In that case, they should be put in a  safe place suggested by the teacher so they won't be lost or stolen.

    7. Do NOT arrive at school before 9:00. AM without permission of the teacher.

    8. Meet your brother, sister or friends outside the building - not in the hallways.

    9. If you are bringing sports equipment in the school, please put your name on it. (no hard balls are allowed)

    10. No climbing on poles, trees,  or outdoor eqipment that is not designated for climbing.

    11. Sticks, rocks, stones, snowballs or other dangerous objects objects are NOT to be thrown or tossed. Snow should NEVER be thrown.

    12. Students should not play near the school windows or bushes

    13. Students are not permitted in the classroom unless a teacher is present

    14. Line up quickly and quietly after the bell or whistle to come into the building.

    15. Report any stray animals on the playgroupd to the teacher on duty or the office immediately.

    16. Use the bathrooms properly and keep them clean.

    17. When you are on school grounds, stay in sight of your supervisor at all times. Do not leave yoiur designated area of the school grounds. Never leave school without notifiying your teacher or the office.

    18. There will be no graffiti or writing on any school property.