• Lunchroom Rules - Student Expectations

    1. First and foremost is respect. It is the expectation at Sandburg School that students will be respectful of their supervisors, other students and property.

    2. During lunch and whenever inside the lunchroom, students may talk using quiet inside voices only. 

    3. When the bells ring or an announcement is made, all students are expected to get quiet immediately.

    4. Students are expected to exit the lunchroom and move in the halls quietly and in an orderly fashion.

    5. Students are to use appropriate language at all times. Name-calling, racial slurs, abusive language or any inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

    6. Students are not allowed to get up from their lunch table s without permission from a lunch supervisor.

    7. It is the expectation that students will be able to clean up after themselves. No student will be dismissed from his/her table until his/her area is properly cleaned up.

    8. Students must keep their hands and feet to themselves and to their own food.

    9. Responsible behavior is expected of all students when using the bathroom. 

    10. Students must walk in the lunchroom.

    11. Students are not allowed to throw food or any items.

    12. Students are expected to listen and follow the directions of lunch supervisors