• Blended Learning Opportunities at WWS

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, the following classes will be listed as offering at least one fully blended course section:

    • Military History
    • Journalism
    • Cooking Up Success
    • AP Photo Studio
    • Senior Rhetoric
    • Calculus AB
    • RTE





    • Blended learning is a method of teaching that offers some amount of content via digital delivery and allows students to self-direct and pace some amount of their learning.




    • Blended learning allows teachers to differentiate and individualize instruction for individuals or groups of students.
    • Blended learning provides flexibility for students-- students can work ahead, revisit difficult concepts, or master material.
    • Teachers can “meet students where they’re at” in terms of individual progress.
    • Allows teachers more one-on-one time with groups or individual students who may be struggling.
    • Blended learning is a natural progression toward a college setting→ students learn autonomy, flexibility in time & task management by doing it in a supported setting with teacher guidance.
    • Work life / Post-education experience (e.g. working from home, managing time).
  • FAQ

     What will blended days look like?

    A blended class offers flexibility in how class time is structured.  A particular class day can range from no face-to-face time, full face-to-face time, to face-to-face time with selected groups of students.


    What type of student will thrive in a blended class?

    Students who do best in blended classes are those that have or are open to improving their organization, time-management, and self-advocacy skills.  While blended classes still contain a good bit of structure, students must be open to self-directing their own learning.


    What school policies are associated with blended learning?

    • Students will stay on campus during blended periods.
    • Student behavior expectations outlined in the student handbook are in effect.
    • Attendance policies outlined in the student handbook are in effect.