Wheaton Warrenville South
    High School
     Jackie Vasquez
     ED Program & Instructional English
     Room: T014
    I use Edline- please check for updated grades!
    The ED program is designed to provide a supportive environment. It has been created to offer support in a setting as close to the regular education setting and curriculum as possible. The goal of the program is to help students learn more effective social and coping skills. In turn, it is our hope that students will be equipped with the tools to be independent in and successful in school.
    Instructional English takes a general approach to the study of literature while building on the basic English proficiency skills necessary for successful independent functioning in daily life. This includes short stories, plays, novels, non-fiction, and poetry. The focus at this level is fundamental skills: the reading and analysis of literature, grammar, communication, listening, and speaking skills, as well as writing. A minimum of two process-written papers per semester will be assigned. Students will also be expected to complete a variety of projects and activities that provide appropriate and challenging experiences. Class participation is strongly encouraged. With this in mind, students need to ask/answer questions and be active members of the class.