Blended Learning

  • What is Blended Learning?

    • Blended learning combines the traditional classroom with an online experience, allowing for some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or the pace of their learning. 
    • On pre-arranged "blended days," students will not meet together in the classroom but will go to common areas in the school to work independently, with a group, or to meet with the classroom teacher. 
    • Blended days provide students and the teacher with time to meet with one another to monitor progress, discuss an ongoing project, or clarify concepts. 
    • Blended days provide students with flexibility and choice for their learning. 
Blended learning infographic.
  • Why Blended?

    • Blended learning allows teachers to differentiate and individualize instruction for individuals or groups of students.
    • Blended learning provides flexibility for students-- students can work ahead, revisit difficult concepts, or master material.
    • Teachers can “meet students where they’re at” in terms of individual progress.
    • Allows teachers more one-on-one time with groups or individual students who may be struggling.
    • Blended learning is a natural progression toward a college setting→ students learn autonomy, flexible scheduling, time management by doing it in a supported setting with teacher guidance.
  • Course Offerings Spring 2020

    • Economics
    • Geology
    • Military History
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Response to Emergency
    • Senior Rhetoric