• Academic Transcript Record Request Procedure


    NOTE : To have test scores sent it is necessary to contact the appropriate testing center:

    SAT, PSAT -- www.collegeboard.com (690)771-7600
    ACT, PLAN --
    www.act.org (319)337-1270

    1. Transcript requests can be accepted through the mail or in person. Email and fax requests are not accepted. The form is available in the Counseling Center or it can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page. A copy of a photo ID with signature must accompany each transcript request.
    2. If a student is 18 or older he/she must request the transcript. Parents may sign for students under 18 years of age.
    3. A $5.00 processing fee is assessed for each transcript. The fee is to be paid prior to the release of the transcript (official or unofficial). Checks are to make payable to CUSD200. Credit card payment is not accepted.
    4. Transcript requests will be processed within 7 to 10 school days of receipt. Please allow this time frame in your deadline.
    5. Students who complete a college application on line must request an official transcript be sent to the college.
    6. It is recommended that the completed college application accompany the official transcript.
    7. An official transcript can not be released to an individual. It must be mailed directly to the appropriate agency (school, scholarship, job) by Wheaton Warrenville South.
    8. The Registrar's office keeps a record of all transcripts sent.
    9. A "Final" transcript (yellow request form) is required by all colleges as proof of high school graduation. Seniors complete this form once they have made their college choice. A student's college 2nd semester course registration may be delayed if the college does not have the final transcript.
    Medical Records
    Physical and immunization records are kept in the Registrar's office on students graduating from Wheaton Warrenville South.

    If you need to obtain your health records, please use the Transcript/Records Release form (below) and check the immunization box on the form.

    For Assistance contact Angela Bell (Registrar) angela.bell@cusd200.org  784-7200 ext 8762

    Transcript/Records Information (PDF version, Word version)

    Current Student Transcript Release Form ( PDF version, Word version )

    Former Student Transcript Release Form ( PDF versionWord version )

Last Modified on October 24, 2016