Remote Learning due to Quarantine

  • In certain situations during the school year, our teachers and related service staff will be providing various web-based instructional opportunities to our students (ex. Homebound instruction, remote learning during quarantine/exclusion, etc...). These web-based opportunities will be provided through virtual platforms that support synchronous instruction, such as Google Meets. 

    Please be aware that the use of third-party virtual platforms creates potential privacy risks, and our staff is taking reasonable measures to ensure confidentiality and security of information exchanged while supporting students through these virtual platforms.  Please visit the Innovation and Technology Departments page on the CUSD 200 website for more information on the district’s efforts to protect student privacy.

    School staff will communicate with you regarding synchronous instruction that will be available for your student. On your end, we ask that you ensure that your student is in a quiet, school-work designated space and/or using headphones, and that your student’s device is non-public facing. We are asking students and parents to maintain information learned about other students in a confidential manner, just as we would expect for our students who participate in group sessions and classes while attending in-person instruction. This request applies to maintaining information related to student participation in group lessons and prerecorded class lessons in a confidential manner. No video conferencing session, group session or prerecorded lesson may be recorded or redistributed by students or parents in any manner.  

    We appreciate your continued partnership and flexibility during these exceptional circumstances. If you have any questions regarding virtual platforms or the District’s use of synchronous services and recordings to provide educational activities and opportunities during remote instruction, or concerns related to your student’s participation in virtual educational activities and opportunities, please contact us.

    Remote Learning Coordinators

    Stephanie Mangini, Jefferson

    Danielle Moran, Elementary and Middle Schools

    Guidance Counselor, grades 9-12