• Health Monitoring

    The School Code of Illinois requires that each student have a physical examination upon entering freshman year with up-to-date immunizations. See link as follows, Health requirements for school attendance and Immunization requirements. This physical can be used as a sports physical for one year. Transfer students will be required to complete these examinations within 30 days after enrollment. Standard health forms will be accepted provided they meet the requirements of the State of Illinois. The school nurse may request an updated school physical to document any significant changes in your child’s health. You may contact the school nurse with any health concerns that you feel may affect your son/daughter at school. If you anticipate needing a copy of a school physical for camp, work or college please contact the Health Office as records are not available over the summer.

    Health Services

    Permission from parents is required for a student to leave school. If parents cannot be reached emergency contacts will be called. Students must come to the Health Office with a pass from their teacher. A student is not allowed to text or call a parent via personal cell phone during the school day to arrange dismissal. The Health Office assists students with immediate health problems and encourages them to develop good health habits. The school nurses work closely with all members of the student personnel team, which includes counselors, psychologists, deans, and social workers. School nurses identify and plan for students with health concerns with a goal of optimum health so that the student is able to benefit from their education. Towards that goal, chronic illness, hospitalizations, attendance and injuries are monitored.

    PE Excuses and Modifications

    All students are required to participate in physical education class unless there is medical documentation provided by a physician stating otherwise. A parent's note is accepted if a student is out of physical education for three days or less. If a student is unable to participate in physical education classes for more than three days a medical excuse from a physician, stating the nature and time limitation of the condition is required. All efforts will be made to provide modified physical education when recommended, see link as follows, Modified PE Form .

    Use of the elevators is limited to students with physical disabilities. An elevator key may be obtained in the Health Office with a $5.00 deposit. When the key is returned to the office the deposit will be returned to the student.

    Medicines at School

    Prescription and non-prescription medications will be given according to the District 200 Medication Policy. This policy states, “That students are not allowed to carry any medication during the school day unless previously approved by a physician”. The Health Office staff will administer only medications necessary to maintain the student during school hours (with signed authorization from the student's physician and parent). Medication must be brought to the Health Office by a parent or guardian in the original, appropriately labeled pharmaceutical container. Medication authorization must be renewed annually and whenever there is a change in the prescription, see link as follows, Administration of Medication in School Form.
    District Health Services Information
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