• Check Out 

    Students have check out time during their regularly scheduled LLC time each week. In addition to this, students are able to return and check out new books at their classroom teacher's discretion.
    Materials are checked out for one week and can be renewed for two additional weeks.

    Materials are student chosen with teacher recommendations.  

     The number of items to be checked out at one time varies by grade level:

    Kindergarten - 2 items

     1st thru 3rd Grade - 3 items

     4th and 5th Grade - 4 items

    *This number is up to you and your student with the requirement that students always have something to read.  

    Overdue, Lost or Damaged Books

    If your child has a book that is overdue for more than one week, he or she will receive a reminder notice but will continue to check out items up to the grade level limit. If the book is overdue for more than one month, it is considered lost and he or she will need to return the book or pay for a replacement before taking home other materials - a notice will be sent with the price of the book.

    Occasionally, books become damaged. If this happens, please have your child return the book directly to me. I will do my best to repair the book. If repair is not possible (ex. water damage or chewed on by a pet) and a replacement must be made, a notice will go home with your student. Please contact me jessica.kleinpaste@cusd200.org if you have any questions.