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    Requirements to Participate

    Prior to being eligible to practice or participate in athletics, each athlete must complete the following:

    • A signed parent permission form;
    • A completed physical exam that is less than one year old at the end of the season.  Physical Form
    • Acknowledgement of receipt of the District 200 concussion education materials.  
    • A payment of the District 200 participation fee.

    Athletic Program

    The interscholastic athletic program is a part of the district’s comprehensive extra-curricular program. It is designed to provide student athletes with opportunities for personal and physical development in a teamwork environment.

    The athletic program strives to develop in its participants such lifelong traits as strong character, good sportsmanship, leadership skills and a strong work ethic. It also aims to develop personal characteristics in its participants, such as integrity, self-discipline, responsibility, respect and maturity. The program further challenges the student athletes to develop a positive self-concept as well as a healthy body and mind.

    Participation in the District’s extra-curricular program, including the athletic program, is a privilege, not a right. Students must earn this privilege by meeting certain expectations as outlined in this document.

    While some interscholastic athletic programs can accept an unlimited number of participants, the majority of interscholastic athletic program offerings must limit membership. The number of student athletes selected for each team may vary from year to year, from sport to sport and between the District's four middle schools. Averages are available from the Athletic Director upon request.

    Selection of students will be based on their skill, work ethic, character and ability to meet the academic requirements for participation. Coaches will use tryouts, discussion with teachers, deans and administrators, and grade verification to help determine how well each student meets the above criteria. The final responsibility for the team selection rests with the coaches.

    Coaches will clearly communicate with their players on a regular basis. This shall include communication on team selection, rules, expectations, and player/parent satisfaction.


    Students desiring to participate in interscholastic athletic competitions must obtain a physical annually. Physicals are valid for 395 days.  Proof of the physical examination will be kept on file in the Nurse’s Office or in the Athletic Director’s Office. No student will be permitted to practice or participate until proof of a physical examination is received.  Physical Form   

    Participation (User) Fees

    All students participating in interscholastic athletics are required by the Board of Education to pay a User Fee of $125. No refunds will be issued after the first interscholastic competition. All students participating in interscholastic athletics or school activities are required to be in good standing with all District fees and obligations.

    Extracurricular Academic Eligibility

    The following groups will be supervised for weekly academic eligibility: interscholastic teams, dance team, show choir, drama productions, jazz band, chamber orchestra, and student government. Selection of members or participants is at the discretion of the teachers, sponsors, or coaches, provided that the selection criteria conform to District 200 policies. Participation in extracurricular activities is dependent upon course selection and successful progress in these courses. To be eligible to participate in selected school-sponsored or school-supported extracurricular competition or performance students must meet weekly eligibility requirements.

     Eligibility Guidelines

    Students’ participation in Board of Education approved extracurricular athletics and activities are contingent upon the following:

    1. Students may not be failing more than one class;
    2. A student may not have one failing grade and one unsatisfactory rating in two different classes;
    3. If a student does not meet the above requirements, he/she is placed on probation for one week. The student remains eligible during that week.  After the week of probation, the student’s progress is again checked.  If his/her progress does not meet the above requirements, he/she is ineligible the following week.  Only one week of probation is permitted per student per season.  During ineligibility, the student may practice with the team but not dress for contests;
    4. If a student, who is a member of an interscholastic team or school activity, receives an in-school or out of school suspension, he/she is not permitted to participate in practice or events during the terms of that suspension;
    5. Students who are not in attendance for one-half day of school may not participate or practice or a contest;
    6. Eligibility checks will be conducted weekly beginning the third week of the season;
    7. Any unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the Principal, Athletic Director and Counselor.

    Insurance for Athletes

    Insurance for athletes is voluntary. The school district does not require insurance coverage for athletes. It is each family’s responsibility to determine which of the following options is best: purchasing insurance made available at the school; providing coverage through their family policy or assuming liability without insurance coverage. District 200 does not assume responsibility for any injury.


    Students, participants, and spectators are expected to practice the ethics of competition and principles of good sportsmanship whether at home, at other schools, or in the community. Any person found to be in violation of these ethics and principles may be barred from interscholastic contests either as a participant or as a spectator.

    Questions regarding our athletic programs should be directed to Mr. McAuslan.