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    Activity Bus

    Students that decide to stay after school to participate in any clubs or after-school events that ride the bus are able to take the Activity Bus that runs Monday-Thursday and leaves Edison at 4:15 PM. 

    Busing Guidelines

    Free bus transportation is provided for students living more than 1.5 miles from the school they are assigned to attend. If the walking route of a student who lives less than 1.5 miles from school is considered hazardous, free busing may also be offered. Busing may also be an option for some students on a space-available basis. A fee is charged for students who take advantage of this option. Questions about eligibility for bus transportation should be directed to the District transportation office at 630-682-2005. A student ID with appropriate bus information is required for boarding. Students should be on time at the designated school bus stop and ride only the bus to which they are assigned. Bus transportation is not an excuse for missing before or after school responsibilities such as make-up work and/or detentions.

    Bus Stops

    Bus stops are most often at intersections because drivers generally are more attentive and drive at slower speeds through intersections. We work with the bus company to create bus stops where students may wait in an orderly and safe manner.

    Behavior at Bus Stops

    The District expects that students will conduct themselves appropriately while at the bus stop. The school seeks parent support in implementing the following rules to help ensure the safety of all students at the bus stop:

    1. Students should arrive at the bus stop no more than five minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart. Ten minutes may be necessary during the first two weeks, but after that, five minutes is adequate;
    2. Students need to show respect for property. Waiting on the sidewalk or parkway area does this. Climbing on trees or running through private property is prohibited;
    3. Students should never throw objects. Objects might include snowballs, baseballs, etc.;
    4. Books or bags do not hold places. Students need to stand in line patiently and board safely without pushing or shoving;
    5. For safety’s sake, students should never step into the street or attempt to retrieve an object that falls under a bus. Alerting the bus driver to what is missing and where it fell is the appropriate course of action;
    6. Students need to respect each other. The bus stop is not a place for rough play, bad language, or name calling;
    7. Students are responsible for their own behavior.

    Behavior on the bus

    The District and the bus company work cooperatively to help ensure that students are safe while riding the bus. Buses have cameras to monitor the behavior and assure the safety of our students. The same general rules of conduct enforced at school are also in effect while students are on the bus. Students and parents should be familiar with the following rules:

    1. The bus driver is in charge and has the same authority as the teacher while students are on the bus;
    2. Students may not damage any part of the bus. Students who damage the buses will be required to pay for the repairs;
    3. Students must remain seated while on the bus;
    4. Students must not extend their heads or arms out of the windows or throw anything out of the windows;
    5. Students are expected to be courteous to their fellow riders and to the bus driver;
    6. There shall be no eating or drinking on the bus or at the bus stops at any time;
    7. Students who miss the bus must make their own transportation arrangements;
    8. Students are not to distract the driver. Such disturbances are a safety hazard.

    Consequences of Misconduct on Bus or at Bus Stops

    Students who disobey the rules of conduct for behavior at the bus stop or bus rider-ship may result in a suspension of all bus privileges, including the activity bus. Students may also receive a school suspension for inappropriate behavior on the bus. A student on bus suspension is still expected to attend school; if the student does not attend school because of a bus suspension, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Last Modified on May 2, 2023