Welcome to the Edison Middle School Health Office!
    The Edison Health Office is located in the Main Office.  During the school day there is always someone in the Health Office if your child needs assistance with a health concern.  Christine Chestnut, RN, PEL-CSN School Nurse (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday), Violetta Miskiewicz, RN, Staff Nurse (Monday & Tuesday), Carol Malmgren, RN, Staff Nurse (Wednesday & Thursday) and Nancy Luetkehans, Health Aide (Monday, Thursday & Friday) can be reached by e-mail or by calling at 630-682-2050 x6263.
    We provide health services for acute and daily health needs for students, monitor and support attendance, maintain school health records, coordinate school health programs, promote wellness policies, and provide health resources.  The school nurse is also part of the special services team and the crisis team.
    Safety Protocol for ABSENCES - An absence for any reason requires a parent or guardian phone call which can be made the night before or each day of the absence before 7:45am. The Attendance Line is 630-682-2053. Please leave the student's name, grade and reason for absence when leaving a message.
    Safety Protocol for EARLY DISMISSAL -
    • Please send a note with your child, which he/she should bring to Mrs. Uhrin in the Attendance Office before school begins.
    • A pass will be issued so your child can meet you in the office at the designated time.
    • The authorized person picking up the child from school must come in the Attendance Office window to sign out the student.
    • If you make an appointment after your child is already at school, please call Mrs. Uhrin in the Attendance Office with the child's name and pick-up time. Your child will get a pass to leave early and their teacher will be notified of the early dismissal. The Attendance Office phone number is 630-682-2053.
    Students Leaving Sick from the Nurse's Office - For safety reasons, students are not allowed to call or text parents to pick them up without being seen by the Nurse first.

    Messages for Students - We understand that occasionally you need to get a message to your child; however, to avoid learning interruptions and to make it fair for the entire school population:
    • Messages can be delivered during the daily announcements at 8:00am or 2:15pm.
    • Messages can also be delivered during lunch periods via the lunch bins in the Main Office.
    Below you will find some of the health forms that your student might need in order to receive the help he or she requires during the school day. We would be happy to send any hard copies of these forms home with your student, however, you may click on any of the following forms and print them out yourself.  Although we have online registration, we are not electronically connected to your healthcare provider.  These forms must be brought to your student's healthcare provider at his or her appointment time, and returned or faxed to Edison School.  Be sure to sign or fill in the parent portion before submitting to your student's healthcare provider to finish and fax to us.  Our fax # is 630-682-2337.
    All Health Requirements for enrolling in school are generated by the State of Illinois.  Read about the health requirements for school attendance: Health Requirements for School Attendance  (English) or Health Requirements in Spanish 
Last Modified on August 24, 2022