Mr. Daniel Nielsen



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Daniel Nielsen


Mr. Daniel Nielsen is pleased to have been at Franklin since 2000, where he teaches English/Language Arts, usually to 7th graders. In the past, he taught the odd social studies class as well, history being a passion of his, second only to literature. He also coaches Cross Country, Track, and supervises the school newspaper, The FMS Press. He is lucky to enjoy spending time with ALL 7th graders daily, by supervising lunch in the cafeteria (and has stains on khakis from meatballs that have been flung through the air).

Mr. Nielsen studied English, Asian Studies, Philosophy, Curriculum, Educational Administration, and Hacky Sac at Augustana College, Aurora University, and Michigan State University (on MSU's campus in Thailand, Mr. Nielsen only being able to afford a Spartan education). He spent his twenties teaching at a rural public school in Japan, and at a unique boarding school in the Swiss Alps for Japanese high school students. Once he turned 30, he naturally moved to the suburbs to live in a ranch house and drive a minivan. Travel remains a passion of his, and he greatly enjoys family and student trips.

Mr. Nielsen's wife (a Hawthorne, FMS, & WN alumnus!), Mrs. Juliana (Mead) Nielsen, teaches elementary art in the district, this year at Pleasant Hill and Washington, making it a dubious possibility for some students to be under the continuous tutelage of a Nielsen from age five through fourteen (this is referred to darkly by some as "the Nielsen Curse," and is especially a possibility if a student is a runner at FMS). Their children attend WWSHS (known north of Rt. 38 as "the Dark Side") and are active in band. The Nielsens enjoy seeing their students around downtown Wheaton and at the library, though perhaps less so in their own neighborhood.

Students who are absent (either while in class, or because they're not in class) can often find assignments and resources at our Google Classroom. Mr. Nielsen encourages students to email him with questions and concerns during absences, though they should certainly let their parents know what they're up to while online.

To join the FMS PRESS Google Classroom, students should use the code pvq46i