• We exist to serve the student.
    Student Services is a place that lives up to its name. Every human on the planet needs support at times and the school counselors at Hubble strongly desire to support any student that needs support. A primary objective at Hubble is to wholly develop our students so they may experience academic, social and emotional success for all of their years going forward. We know that students perform best academically when they are in a socially safe and engaging environment and when they are able to regulate and respond to their emotions in healthy and productive ways. Early adolescence is often a trying time that provides many opportunities to succeed and fail. We desire to walk with our students during successes and failures and to leverage every opportunity as a place to grow. Our intention is to build up and equip students to be respectful, resourceful and resilient within the context of their education. Please feel free to contact your school counselor with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you!
Last Modified on August 11, 2015