***Attendance Office - #630-682-2285 and then prompt #2:


    If your student is absent for any reason, please call the attendance office before 8:00AM to report the absence. Attendance calls are mandatory and can be made the night before (24-hour phone line.) Even if your child is absent several days in a row because of the same illness, you need to call them in absent each day.   When a student needs to be dismissed early from school for a doctor's appointment, orthodontist appointment, etc., please call the attendance office before 8:00AM or you may send a note with your student to be brought to the attendance office before school stating the reason and the time you would like the student dismissed.  The student will then receive a pass during Advisory or lunch to give to his/her teacher indicating the appropriate dismissal time.  The person picking up the student can stay in the car and the student can sign themselves out in the main office.  Please do not leave attendance messages on the main office voice mail.




    Homework assignments may only be requested on the third day of an absence.  Please call the Attendance Office before 9:00AM so teachers have time to prepare assignments and get them to the office by the end of the day.


    ***Messages/Items to be delivered during the school day:


    We are unable to interrupt a class. Any item or message that a student needs can be retrieved during their Advisory period and during the students' lunch.  Any item that you drop off for your student can be placed in the appropriate grade bins that are found directly to your right as you enter the main office. Items dropped off after lunch are the students' responsibility for retrieval.


    ***Pace Calls:


    From time to time, our Principal or the District office places a Blackboard Connect call to send important information to parents and students.  If a Blackboard Connect call is missed or someone would like to hear the information again, from the phone that was called by Blackboard Connect, you may dial 1-877-REPLAY (1-877-737-5291) to replay any message that has been sent to that phone.





    Vacations during the school year are discouraged.  Even the most conscientious efforts of students and teachers are no substitute for daily attendance.  If students must take a vacation during the school year, they need to notify the Attendance office at least one week prior to the absence.  They should plan to do work before leaving or during the vacation.  Students should arrange to come in before or after school to make up tests or lab work.


    *** Visitors:


    Any visitor to the school must check into the office before going elsewhere in the building.  Parents should not go to a class without checking into the office first.


Last Modified on May 1, 2023