• Dear Families and Friends of Bower Elementary School

    The school year is off to a fantastic start and the first trimester will end on Friday, November 10th.  Report cards will be sent home the following Friday, November 17th. 

    Teachers have been meeting with parents for the last few weeks for Parent/Teacher conferences - please contact your child's teacher if you still need to schedule a conference.  These conferences are extremely important and are the single best opportunity to share information about your child.  Your attendance is appreciated.

    As the weather begins to get colder, please remember that students will generally be outside for recess and need to dress appropriately.  With the colder weather, more students are being driven to school.  To insure safety and to facilitate smooth traffic flow, it is essential that parents adhere to the following drop-off and pickup procedures.

    ·          A single line is formed in our parking lot for both dropping off and picking up students before and after school.  Please no passing cars in this line because this creates more of a safety hazard for everyone during these busy times of the school day.      

    ·          Cars should move forward as far as possible along the sidewalk before stopping so that the maximum number of students will be able to be dropped off/picked up at the same time.  This needs to be an efficient process and cars that stop short add to the congestion problem.

    ·          If it is necessary to park your car, please escort your children across the parking lot by using the crosswalk.  Students should NEVER be allowed to walk in the parking lot without an adult.

    With winter weather approaching, the chance of weather related delays in regards to bus schedules becomes a greater possibility.  Please call the Bower office at (630) 393-9413 with any questions or concerns about late buses.  When we experience a significant incident due to weather or any other problem we will try to place an all call to the effected families with information when possible.

    November is a traditional month of giving thanks and I would like to thank all of our Bower families and our staff members for being so generous with their time and talents.  

    Every day, every child in every classroom learns, grows, and feels respected.

    Thank you for your commitment to all our children.

    Mark Kohlmann

Last Modified on November 1, 2017