• Dear Parents,

    In light of Friday’s tragic events in Connecticut, I am sure that sending your child to school today caused a sense of anxiety that perhaps you had never felt before. I wanted to take a minute to ensure each of you that the safety and well-being of your children continues to be my number one priority.  This morning the staff gathered together to support each other and review safety protocols. I am proud to work with such a compassionate and loving group of professionals!  I also spoke with Dr. Rammer, the lead District 200 contact on the district safety committee, and an officer from the Wheaton Police Department this morning.  Together we re-examined our current emergency procedures to ensure we are using the most current research on emergency response.  We are fortunate to have policies and procedures already in place and staff and support teams that are trained to enact them.  I feel confident and grateful in knowing that our children are surrounded by competent, caring and courageous adults.

    You may notice that your children have some confusion or questions about what happened.  We will not be initiating any of those discussions at school.  However, if a child brings up concerns in class, the staff has been directed to handle them privately with the child.  We have set up a safe place to meet with either Mrs. Graunke, our school social worker, or Mrs. Chambers, our school psychologist.  If a child shows any signs of distress, one of the team members will be contacting you directly.

    Considering that this tragedy has impacted us all deeply, you may find yourself needing guidance as well.  On the website is a helpful resource for parents.  Please consider using it as a reference.  I know that we are holding each other more closely today, so if you need further support do not hesitate to contact me.  Please continue to hold the Newtown community in your thoughts and prayers.
    Sharing in the caring,
    Debra Stoll
Last Modified on January 6, 2013