Monroe Middle School Orchestras

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  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the Monroe Orchestras!  I am so excited that you have made a commitment to participate in the Fine Arts Program at Monroe Middle School.  

    My goal this year is to guide the orchestra students through the complete experience of what it means to play as an ensemble.  There are many components to a successful orchestra:  responsibility, integrity, teamwork, musicianship, leadership, rhythm, tuning, performance opportunities, and much more.  Each student will have the opportunity to experience each one of these components. 

    This year, we will work together to continue the strong tradition of success in the musical ensembles at Monroe.  We do this by developing an orchestra that functions as a team.  I ask each person to commit to giving their best to the group so that we can be greater than the sum of each individual.  I will work my best to provide the best experience for you- I am a part of this team!

    Through their experience in orchestra, it is my hope that each student will gain an appreciation of music and enjoy his/her instrument many years into the future.  I am so excited to serve all of you as your orchestra teacher this year and I look forward to meeting and getting to know each one of you.  This is going to be a wonderful year in orchestra!


    Mrs. Kelsey Dewar