Library FYI + Meet the Staff


  • Monday - Thursday*
    6:30am - 3:30pm

    Friday & Late Arrival Days*


  • Students are welcome to use available computers, tables and soft seating areas in the library. We also have color printing and supplies such as scissors, markers, paint pens, withdrawn magazines and glue to assist with any projects. The expectation is to work without distracting others. Students may lose library privileges for a specified time for inappropriate behavior. Please refer to the LLC Policies document for additional information.

    • No pass needed: before or after school, during lunch or passing periods.
    • Study hall pass and ACCESS: students from study hall and ACCESS must stay in the library the entire period. ACCESS students will sign in on a designated computer.
    • Blue pass: students on a blue pass may leave before the period is over, but must have the pass signed at the main counter prior to leaving the library.
    • Lunch: students are welcome to eat lunch in the library, sitting quietly. Signin at the main counter.

Material Checkout

  • Students may checkout books or magazines using their student ID or ID number. Books may be renewed online through our library book catalog (using computer login) or by stopping in the library.

    • Book checkout: 3 school weeks.
    • Magazine checkout: 2 school days. Available Magazines.
    • Chromebook + Wi-fi hotspot checkout: 4 school weeks. Fine: 10¢ per school day for each item that is late. Permission form must be turned in once each year before checkout. 

Library Staff