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    District 200 and Teachers Union Reach Agreement 

    This evening, the Board of Education and the Wheaton Warrenville Education Association (WWEA) finalized a new contract covering the 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. The WWEA bargaining unit represents approximately 1,000 teachers and other licensed members. 

    Joint Statement Regarding New Agreement
    The Board of Education, District Administration and the WWEA have spent the past several months working on a new contract for our teachers and other licensed staff. We thank the members of the negotiating teams for their hard work on this important endeavor. Due to our collective and collaborative efforts, the new agreement will enable our students to reach their full potential by increasing professional development opportunities for staff; recognize and reward our teachers for their tireless service on behalf of our children; and support the long-term sustainability of our District. Key outcomes of the three-year agreement are outlined below. 
    Professional Development 
    • Individual schools will be allowed the flexibility to adjust staff start time to accommodate Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and professional development. 
    • Flexibility allows for more common meeting times for teacher teams to collaborate and focus on improving student learning and student achievement.   
    • Salary increases vary by year.  
      • Year One - 1.15% salary increase (blended CPI used for 2014/2015 levies)
      • Year Two - 3.88% salary increase
      • Year Three - salary increase that matches the blended CPI (cost of living) used for the 2016/2017 levies. The salary increase has a 2.92% minimum and 3.5% maximum. 
      • Members of the bargaining unit will receive a 7.95% total salary increase over three years, or approximately 2.65% average salary increase per year.
    • Beginning in January 2016, the District and WWEA will convene a committee to create a new, sustainable salary structure that provides students continued access to high-quality teachers and creates a fair, equitable system for compensating teachers. The new salary structure will recognize the value of continuing education but also aligns to sound, fiscal management. 
    • The step increments associated with the traditional salary schedule will sunset at the conclusion of this contract. 
    • The District anticipates as much as $2.8 million in health benefits savings over the course of the agreement.
    • Insurance costs will be contained with several adjustments in health benefits including a spousal surcharge and increases in out-of-pocket, deductibles and prescription co-pays. 
    • Collectively, we have agreed to minimize or eliminate penalty taxes associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 
    • Under this agreement, the District will no longer be required to allow members to retire early under the State of Illinois' Early Retirement Option.
    • Following a member’s retirement, a post-employment compensation will allow teachers who have served the District for at least 18 years to receive a one-time payment of $750 (up from $500 in the previous contract) for every year of service. As a post-employment benefit, this will not have any impact on a member's TRS pension.
    The three-year agreement also contains a memorandum that allows for the District and WWEA to meet in the event the State of Illinois implements any law, regulation, provision or mandate that significantly impacts revenue, funding ability or capacity of the District. 
    Board of Education President Jim Vroman is pleased with the outcomes of the new agreement. "We have several big-picture, strategic issues facing our District in the near future including major capital and facility projects. Based on current revenue projections, staff turnover due to retirements, the cost of health benefits, and critical facility issues facing us, the new agreement provides appropriate compensation to our teachers while supporting a balanced budget and addressing future challenges." 
    Bryce Cann, President of the WWEA, added, "This agreement addresses many of our members' collective interests. It is a fair financial package and our members gain increased flexibility in how collaboration and planning for student learning will occur in our schools. There are always ongoing challenges in our District that must be addressed. I am confident this agreement provides a framework to address them while still allowing us to continue providing a high-quality educational experience for our students." 
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