• Facility Master Plan
    Our schools are a reflection of the community and reflect the value our community places on education. Our community greatly values our schools and has made significant investments in them over time. Our schools have served us well over the years. Our investments, our schools, are in need of some repair and upgrades to match the needs of 21st century learners.
    After several months of engaging District 200 staff and community members, architects Perkins + Will presented the Facility Master Plan Report to the Board of Education in April. The final report, including an executive summary, is available on our website.

    The Facility Master Plan (FMP) is a physical and educational assessment of our buildings. District 200 schools have physical assets like roofs, windows, plumbing, doors and fixtures that need to be repaired or replaced within the next few years. Many of the spaces in our schools don’t match the needs of future ready, 21st century learners. A FMP is a long-term view of our facility needs both now and in the future.

    A FMP allows the Board to make well-thought-out and cost-effective decisions about facility changes and take many factors, such as safety, security and educational needs of all our students into account. To assemble the final report, the District engaged architects Perkins + Will to collaborate and engage our school staff and community to fully identify the educational and physical needs and priorities at all of our buildings. Board President Jim Vroman is pleased with the past seven months of collaborative efforts utilized for the plan's creation. "During the Engage 200 process, the community said to us, 'we want to make sure the Board is taking a big picture approach to address any facility issues.' We believe this report provides that big picture," says Vroman.

    The Board of Education has several important upcoming discussions planned. On April 27, the Board will discuss the future of Jefferson Early Childhood Center (see below). Then on April 30, the Board will participate in an all-day workshop to discuss the Facility Master Plan Report in detail, and begin the process of prioritizing critical physical and educational upgrades needed at our buildings. President Vroman looks forward to making progress in facilities planning. "We will work toward reaching a consensus on the priorities of the projects to be addressed, a timeline for implementation and the means to finance their implementation."
    Executive Summary
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