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    The Board of Education

    Board Continues Facility Discussions

    After several months of engaging District 200 staff and community members, the Board of Education received a Facility Master Plan Report on April 13. Since that time, the Board has held two meetings devoted to debriefing the facility report to determine next steps.

    Potential Areas of Work 
    By the completion of a very productive all-day workshop on April 30, the Board identified several areas of work around which to develop refined cost estimates. Those areas of work include physical repair/maintenance needs at all schools; secure entrances, libraries, furniture and collaboration spaces at the elementary level; science labs, collaboration space, furniture, libraries, and an auditorium (Monroe) at the middle school level; and furniture, a library reconfiguration (Wheaton Warrenville South) and a tech/media lab (Wheaton North) at the high school level. 
    Deeper Analysis - Sandburg, Franklin and Jefferson 
    Given the complex nature of the facility reports of Sandburg Elementary and Franklin Middle School, the Board has asked for a special review of the physical and educational needs at both buildings to determine how some work might overlap and make those projects more efficient and cost-effective. 
    The Board also discussed the Jefferson Early Childhood Center facility report and decided to remove the following options for consideration - renovation/addition of the existing Jefferson Early Childhood Center, renovation/addition of the Youghal community site and renovation/addition to the Wheaton Community Center in partnership with the Wheaton Park District.
    The Board continues to look for alternative solutions to best serve its early childhood program. As a result, The Board has asked architects to perform test-fit scenarios at several existing District elementary schools with available green space. The Board will continue to review the option of building a new early childhood center on the existing Jefferson property as well as offsite locations throughout the community.    
    Next Steps 
    The Board remains committed to facilities planning as it will remain a standing agenda item on future Board Meeting agendas. Several Board Committees will also have conversations to offer contributions to that process.
    The Finance Committee is tasked with identifying and assessing available means of funding the implementation of the work. The Community Engagement Committee will address important measures to keep residents informed and engaged in our planning efforts around critical physical and educational needs in our 20 school buildings. 
    The Board asks the community to remain engaged and informed, to be patient, and to share questions, thoughts and concerns as they strive to achieve a consensus on a path forward.  
    About Facility Master Planning 
    The Facility Master Plan (FMP) is a physical and educational assessment of our buildings. District 200 schools have physical assets like roofs, windows, plumbing, doors and fixtures that need to be repaired or replaced within the next few years. Many of the spaces in our schools don’t match the needs of future ready, 21st century learners. A FMP is a long-term view of our facility needs both now and in the future.

    A FMP allows the Board to make well-thought-out and cost-effective decisions about facility changes and take many factors, such as safety, security and educational needs of all our students into account. To assemble the final report, the District engaged architects Perkins + Will to collaborate and engage our school staff and community to fully identify the educational and physical needs and priorities at all of our buildings. Board President Jim Vroman is pleased with the past seven months of collaborative efforts utilized for the plan's creation. "During the Engage 200 process, the community said to us, 'we want to make sure the Board is taking a big picture approach to address any facility issues.' We believe this report provides that big picture," says Vroman.

    Professional Development

    At the April 27 Board of Education Meeting, Faith Dahlquist, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services presented 2015-16 Professional Development highlights and plans for the 2016-17 School Year. 
    Dahlquist's team placed a special emphasis on collaboration and creation, which involves instruction around social interaction; and standards mastery, which includes the use of student achievement data to drive instruction.
    Next year, staff will continue to build upon development around collaboration and creation and standards mastery but will also focus on contextualized learning where students work on authentic
    problems and real world applications. 
    A video and a copy of the presentation can be found on our website.  

    Board to Honor Retiring Clerk and Secretary

    At the June 8 Board of Education Meeting, the Board will say goodbye to retiring Board Clerk and Secretary, Mary Lou Sender. Mary Lou is retiring after 28 years of service in the District.
    The Board invites any staff or community members to join them at 6:45 p.m. on June 8, prior to the Board Meeting, to wish Mary Lou well in her retirement. 
    The June 8 Board Meeting will be held at the School Service Center located at 130 W. Park Ave in Wheaton.  

    Board Approves Several Postings for Public Review 

    The Board approved to post several policy revisions for public review and comment. You can view the policies on our website
    Additionally, the Board approved to post a new middle school Math 8 textbook and a new high school Information Technology II textbook for public review and comment. The textbooks are available for review at the School Service Center (130 W. Park Ave, Wheaton) for 30 days.   
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